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Bridal Skin Care demystified

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I personally quite dislike the “eat this and don’t eat that” kind of lists, because they make me feel guilty and insecure about my more far-from-perfect habits. Honestly, I have heard advise given to brides that we should give up sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten. Hey – because I’m getting married, must I suddenly turn into a hypochondriac and develop a pretend food allergy? I’m sorry, it is just not going to happen. It is a ridiculous expectation if you ask me. I was once given a very sensible piece of wisdom : “everything in moderation, including moderation” – that is how I think about lifestyle advice. Deprivation has not made anyone happier a happier person, brides at the very least I think.So I am writing about this today because I rather eat myself towards a perfect glow for my wedding day than trying to do avoid a whole list of things.


First of all on the menu is: WATER.
Yes, we hear it all the time, whether you want to loose weight or improve your digestive health. But before you reach for your 8th glass of water for the day, just be aware that drinking toooo much is not good at all, as you will literally dilute your internal fluids and disturb important mineral balances – what could lead to dull skin and fatigue. Not ideal. Unless you do serious sports and/ or live in a very hot climate, you should not need to drink more than 1 – 1.5 litres a day. (By the way did you know that milk is more hydrating than water?)



For fibre, vitamins, minerals and other beautifying and vitality-enhancing stuff.
Especially watermelon, lemons, beetroot, carrot, strawberries and broccoli, but any fruit,berry and vegetable will do you amazing favours. Aim for fruit with breakfast, as a snack and for dessert, and a small plate/ half a big plate of raw and cooked vegetable at lunch and dinner. In Japan people eat up to 18 portions of veg each day, where western people often struggle to eat 5. And we all know that japanese women don’t visibly age, don’t we?) 🙂


Third: EGGS.
Full of biotin – skin and hair nutrient number one. Valuable source of protein and perfect snacking food too.


Number four: OILY FISH
Those omegas will pump your skin full of glow and give your hair silkiness galore. Great for your brain, heart and eye sight as well – reasons to have fish on the menu at least 2 a week. You can also bump your dose by adding a omega-capsule to your daily intake.


And lastly: GREEN TEA

Increases your metabolism and purifies your skin. Make a big pot and sip away! Be creative and make ice tea with fruit/ berry or herb flavourings for variation.

Enjoy these beneficial foods and beverages for so many more reasons than just for your skin, and if you keep it up chances are you will be naturally flawless come wedding day. I am certainly giving it a go as it seems tonnes easier than using all the bridal beauty products I have been advised to buy….

These skin nutrients will be good for fertility too so why not?? 🙂

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