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Easy natural bridal beauty


There are so many beauty lists on the web already – do you need to read another one? Yes – if you are not into make up, manicure and hair straighteners in your normal life, why should you feel pressured to barbie doll yourself up now. Do you really need a make up artist if you hardly ever put mascara on? If you prefer your hair natural and loose, why spend R500 on a “do” that will just make you feel like somebody else and not yourself on your day. Did you know that many brides hardly ever look at their wedding photos, simply because they can’t recognize the person they see – that person is not a true representation of who they truly are.

On the other hand, perhaps this is one occasion when one feels entitled to “go wild”when it comes to beautification, and indulge in our lust for bringing out inner glamour diva/ princess, just for one very special day. It is our freedom to decide whichever, because it our dream day that should be fulfilled. But what is important to know, is that we don’t have to subscribe to the conventional bride concept, just because we are getting hitched.

Besides, the beauty industry seem to have endless opportunities to separate brides- to – be with huge chunks of money. I feel somewhat bullied into feeling like I’m is not a “real” bride until I’ve had at least one facial a month, my teeth whitened, hair extensions, eye lash extensions, spray tan, maintained perfect nails for 6 months prior for all those ring showing moments. Is this my wedding prep, or have I entered a beauty pageant??

This bride is absolutely stunning, there is no denying. But in my opinion she would be twice as beautiful with just a bit less mascara.

I normally myself don’t use much in terms of beauty products from the chemist, just a bit of day and night moisturizer. I do my eye brows and love a bit of lipstick when I go out. That is pretty much it. I do want to make sure that I have glowing skin, no large pores/ break outs or dull looking skin on the day. Luckily, I’ve got some easy, natural and inexpensive tricks up my sleeve:

  • Aspirin – contains hydrochloric acid that is the magic ingredient in many anti-ageing and skin clarifying creams and micro-peels. Crush up 4 or so dissolvabe tablets, mix with a bit of water and rub into your skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 5-10 minutes, it will dry on your skin so before washing it off, put some water on your finger tips and do a gentle scrub before rinsing. Will lead to astonishingly radiant and youthful skin done 1 -2 per week
  • You can also mix the dissolved aspirin with some yogurt and honey and use as a mask – will hydrate your skin and make it glow
  • Dilute tea tree oil with  water and use as a toner – great for deep cleansing and prevention of break outs
  • Double cream yogurt is a wonderful cooling mask – the lactic acid is fantastic for anti ageing too as it works to renew the skin cells. Magic and so inexpensive!
  • Dark marks? Use a drop of fresh lemon juice n the area to make it lighter. Apple cider vinegar will do the job just as well. Dilute 1:4 if you have sensitive skin.
  • Mix bicarbonate of soda (not baking powder) with a bit of coconut oil as a face mask. Sounds crazy but you can say goodbye to blackheads and prevent wrinkles this simple way, at least according to the DIY beauty-pros.
  • Green tea – if you are not already drinking this skin cleansing beverage, now is a good time to start. Keep they teabags and stick them in the fridge – use them as facial “wipes”to drench your skin in antioxidants

I’m still in two minds whether to have my make up done professionally or do it myself. Whatever I decide, the look will be natural and understated. I definitely am not aiming for the Cinderella look, perhaps a bit more like Pocahontas!

If you want to achieve natural beauty it obviously helps to already have perfect skin and supermodel features, but even if you do go for make up, you can ask your make up person (or learn yourself) how to get that “barely there” look. Think dewy skin, a sweep of shimmer and blush, and berry lips. The use of highlighter and bronzer in clever places will enhance your features without anyone realizing there is any make up at all. Think of it as 3D effect enhancement. Eyeshadow a tone of so darker that your own skin will give subtle definition to your blinkers without looking too done up.

To achieve porcelain skin:

  1. Use a primer, one which is fluid and not heavy. Apply a think layer over the whole face and let it dry completely.
  2. Use a second layer of primer on your nose, forehead and high cheekbones.
  3. After primer is dry, apply a light foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Apply with a brush with circular motions. You want to avoid a heavy and thick product because it will give a “cakey” result. Keep it light and fresh.
  4. Set with translucent powder, or powder which is 1 tone lighter than your normal skin tone. Apply one layer at a time so it doesn’t get heavy.
  5. Brush over some light champagne colored powder with a slight shimmer  over cheek bones and temples
  6. Blush: the color that matches your skin best + a little rosier. Look at yourself in the mirror and do a pout as if you want to give yourself a kiss. You can see the hollows under the cheek bones where the blush should go. Using a big brush or soft sponge apply a few thin layers.
  7. Stand back and admire your goddess-like skin!
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