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Horses at weddings


People have said it is a bad idea to mix weddings and animals, but as a sworn horse woman I feel quite adamant about including this beautiful, majestic and faithful creature on my big special day. Imagine an outdoors wedding, suddenly the music is playing, everybody rises, and down the lawn come the bride on horseback. What a spectacular entrance.

Just some things to think about:

  • Make sure that you have a handler, even if you are experienced rider
  • Provide some hay to pick on in between stage sets.
  • Build a step for getting off, and develop a technique to manage the ride without your or Mr Horse getting tangled in the train in the process of getting on and off
  • My advise is to borrow a horse you are already familiar with, or use one which is known to be spoof-proof with a solid temperament.
  • Definitely schedule in a few test rides with the dress prior to the wedding day, and get the horse to the venue early, allowing it to acclimatize with the settings and the arrival route.
  • Perhaps skip the heels for the ride – horses don’t like stilettos in their sides! Cowboy boots would be more appropriate for your grand entrance.
  • Make sure to have the horse wait around for the photo shoots to capture some magic images of this unforgettable moment.
  • Have a bag of apples and carrots for reward after.

Unleash your inner cowgirl!

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