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I dare to say that most of us all got an idea of what a wedding cake looks like. White icing, about 3 tiers tall, with some frills and roses to go with, and if we guests are in for a real treat the couple have chosen some exciting other flavour than lemon, chocolate or strawberry with cream sponge cake. Well to be honest I love strawberries and cream, but do we have to choose it just for the sake of tradition? You want the cake to be a showstopper in every way don’t you. Not that anyone is gonna look at it for THAT long on the actual day, but when you do cut the cake, why not max up the excitement by choosing cake that is a true jaw-dropping creation. By that I don’t mean it has to be bombastic or over the top, in fact the opposite will do the job just as well. Your cake is a wonderful opportunity to add extravaganza to your day, and an easy way to bring out your and your grooms personality to go with the rest of the theme of the day. Make the cake fun and quirky just like you.

It will be a photographed object, all attention on you and your groom with the cake so if you want your wedding day to stand out, so here is your chance to be playful and show off your unique style. Why not involve some real flowers, colours other than white and pink, metallic accents, moss, leaves, birds or even black? I promise you the cake will be remembered for years to come!

Flavour wise, how does this sound?

  • Chocolate mousse with dark chocolate chips and peppermint fudge
  • Red velvet vanilla with blackcurrants and cream cheese frosting
  • Chai spiced chocolate with honey caramel
  • Lemon with limoncello and homemade lemon curd
  • Key lime cake with cheesecake mousse
  • Pear and almond sponge with passion fruit
  • Brandy apple and ginger with vanilla drizzle
  • Cardamom sponge with fig jam and salted caramel ganache
  • Coconut sponge with rum butter cream and pineapple syrup
  • Rose flavoured sponge with fresh strawberry and vanilla  flavoured buttercream
  • Lavender honey sponge with white chocolate and Earl grey frosting
  • Green tea, cherry and pistachio
  • Rhubarb and rose petal
  • Cinnamon swirled vanilla with blueberry cheesecake mousse
  • Carrot cake with pecans and mango
  • Espresso with white chocolate icing
  • Pink champagne with raspberry jam
  • Tiramisu flavoured ganache on amaretto sponge with cocoa and mascarpone icing

Let your imagination run wild!

Here is my list of favorite cakes – a twist on the traditional, whether they are fantastical, artisan, minimalist or just pure works of art. A feast not only to eat buy for the eyes!

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lavender cake
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floral cake
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