Fun Quiz! Which Wedding Dress Style Suits You?

The “Mary” dress by Morilee

Are you wedding dress hunting? Chances are that you are finding it confusing and at times frustrating. I found it extremely hard to decide, as there are just so many styles and designers out there to choose from. I wanted to wear them all! But the more dresses I tried, the more confusing it got. There is not just ones personal style to consider, also what venue and theme your wedding is going to have. To some degree your body type, and also what you normally like to wear. A tip is to check what is in your wardrobe and bring some of your favorite dresses along to your wedding dress trials – it will help the consultant a lot.

Sheer created this quiz for you. It is intended as fun and inspiration only.

Remember in the end of the day that it is your personal style and gut feeling when you have the dress on that decides. Have fun!



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