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I am by no means an expert on makeup, but as an artist, I think I am capable enough with a brush and paint to do my own wedding make up. OH-DEAR you might say, and there is a part of me that shares your concern, but I still have a good few months to practice, and you guys are gonna witness my progress here.

I am going for the barely-there look, as I think it is the best for an outdoor 2017 free spirited wedding, and as I almost never wear makeup IRL, I’d still like somewhat like myself on the wedding day. And this is why I don’t want to have somebody else in my face, literally.

Today I am practicing on my lips. The look I love is the natural lip colour, but in a darker and more intense colour. Here is an adorable girl with great lip colour:

dark berry pout

She’s got her overall looks in her favour but for now, lets just look at her lips. They are naturally full, but if one doesn’t have lips of that kind, like me, there are thankfully clever ways in which one can achieve a false sense of fullness, just with the use of different shades on the lips to create an impression of a fuller pout.


Here is today’s guinea pig for this experiment… Moi!

Step 1. Cover the lip with primer. This will give the products a better grip on your lips and will help them look better for longer. I am using one with SPF which will protect your lips  in sun – great for summer outdoor affairs. It is good to think about these things too!

pale lips

Step 2. Using a lip pen in the same shade more or less as your lipstick, to avoid the Pamela Anderson in the 90s look.  Carefully outline the lip contour, drawing on the outermost side of the lip line. you can see the difference in apparent lip size above. (Why people are using injection fillers I just don’t know.)

Step 3. Paint your lips with your colour of choice, (taking care to stay within the lipliner). I haven’t found the one colour I love the most yet, it is somewhat like the one below but a little bit more brown, and perhaps not as dark, like the girl in first picture. But this is just to create an example of the method.

Step 4. Now the magic begins! Take a lip pen/ lip crayon or lipstick which is 1-2 shades darker and deeper than your base colour. Apply it to the corners of the mouths, and 1/4 on each side, leaving the middle as 1/2 on the lips still in the base colour. Then blend gently to create a seamless transition.

thanks Gurl for the pictures

Depending on your preffered lipstyle, you can finish with a little extra gloss on top, keep it it the middle for extra 3D effect.

The lip pen I used was Smudge gel lip pen in medium brown, the lipstick for the filling was Max factor colour 9183 and for the centre of the lip I used Max factor max effect in Wild cherry. But these are too red for my bridal look, I will use something more natural and subtle on the day.
(These are not affiliate links, btw. I don’t necessarily recommend them, it was just what was lying around at home )

This really makes the lips pop doesn’t it? With a little artistry you  can really create a transformation with just a few layers of colour. It does not require a lot of skill.

I am not curly-hair normally – this was one of those failed Pinterest experiments that I had done fancy myself up a bit for the engagement photo. (It got cancelled in the end – luckily!)

FUN! One must just make sure to wear kiss-able type of lipstick to spare hubby from being smeared with red on his wedding day. Matt lipsticks tend to stay on better, and that is also the effect I prefer, so that is what I’m gonna look out for next time I hit the shops.
Hope you have fun experimenting – pictures are welcome if you take any!


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