17 Wedding Quizzes to Find Your Wedding Vision

Wedding quiz collection

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Wedding Quiz collection

Recently engaged and feeling overwhelmed by multiple choices? Confused by contradicting advice and stressed by dresses, themes and décor styles on Pinterest?

Instead of debating nautical over steam punk, why not define your own personal wedding style? If you don’t know what that is yet, this post is for you.

Ready to play games? These are our favorite Wedding Quizzes – not to be taken very seriously – but could maybe bring insight of what kind of wedding elements might be right for you, based on anything from your favorite movie to your bra size. You might be severely simplified and at risk putting you in a broadly generalized category, but who doesn’t love a good online quiz just for the fun of it. If you are at the early stages of creating your wedding vision, it could be a good idea to cast your net wide and do some quizzing!


A reminder from Sheer: Themes are not a crucial part in modern weddings. Instead of sticking to one specific theme, choose a few “flavours” that resonate with you and make your own personal mix. For example: A rustic industrial vineyard wedding with a touch of whimsical boho. Totally right for 2018! Therefore, why not take the theme tests a couple of times and see what different results come up and give your self the opportunity to let multiple influences create your unique wedding.

Here is a wonderful test from Junebug Weddings, who are at the forefront of hip wedding inspiration. Perfect for you if you know that you already want an alternative twist on your wedding. Some of the options I had never heard of, (the aisle music choices) but I managed to get a result that resonated nonetheless.

style junebug

Picking the right theme for you makes everything easier. Take this quiz by The Knot to find out which wedding theme possibly matches your personality.

wedding theme

Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique? Maybe you will find out now by taking this quiz by Magnet Street to discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to express it through color, design, and more.


This wedding vision quiz by the Knot is probably the most sophisticated on the list. It creates a page for you to keep with ideas on anything from colours to cakes, and act as a mood board for communication with possible vendors. (Which are most likely affiliated with the Knot community)

wedding vision

Remember, you do not have to stick to a specific theme or a colour scheme. This is the year to make your wedding all about you and your groom, and not follow a list of traditions to execute. Keep it simple, practical and personal. Cut the guest list in favour of throwing a intimate party for those who matter the most. And skip the details and decor items that are not meaningful to you.


Another great quiz from Junebug, here you might find out what wedding destination is most suitable for you and your grooms interests, if you  are wishing to travel or elope for your nuptials.

wedding destination

Once you have found your destination, it is time to find your venue – or maybe you are getting married locally and wonder where. 
This test, also from Junebug weddings, is full of sweet inspiration.

venue jb


This Perfect Dress test from Playbuzz will point you in the direction of what kind of dress you might want to opt for based on things you like in your everyday life, but won’t indicate exact styles or specific designs. It is more about personality. Example: my result was (not such a surprize) Alternative, without telling me whether to go for A-line or high-low. A good test to start out with, but if you want to find out more about your future wedding dress, the next test is for you…

dress type

This Dress test is from the Knot is short and somewhat blunt, but it tells you what silhouette to go for based on your wedding day details – which prompts you to know those things first. I think you should also consider your body type before making the call – which you can do in the next text…

wedding dress style the knot

This Dress for Body type test by Sofeminine asks you 5 questions on details about your body’s size in order to establish your Body Type.  It may help you find a suitable silhouette, i found however that my result was not in line with my chosen wedding dress, but i don’t honestly think this matters to all degrees. All silhouettes that you love and feel beautiful in, will be flattering. It is about finding a balance between the fit and the feel. 

body type test

This test by Maggie Sottero will obviously suggest their own dresses, which are gorgeous, but even if not choosing theirs, you might find it useful for defining your dream dress and use for any designer with similar looks. It requires that you already have some kind of vision of your colours, venue and make up, so perhaps take test after the others.

wedding dress style

Not feeling particularly at home at the zimbio website, their Dress Style quiz still might give a good indication of what you want depending on your general opinions about life.

Style suits you

This Dress test from Davids Bridal is of course only representative to their own shop, but it is a well made test that will give you a visual of styles that you might actually end up loving and use as a guideline when you go dress shopping locally. Just clicking through randomly gave me two dresses out of 24 that I would consider wearing on my own day, however mass produced they might be.

ds bridal

Final test for wedding dresses will quiz you about your wedding and your loves in life, giving you a silouette appropriate for venue, season and your personality.

ball gown


This bridal style quiz from Wedsites might help you figure out what type of wedding style best suits you and your love.


A perhaps slightly too generalizing test from Flare, it might still help you discover your bridal personality and the look your heart might desire.

bridalstyle flare

Ok you might be closer to knowing your style, but what about your hair? Let’s play to find out with this Wedding hair do test from Playbuzz

wedding hair

A well designed and comprehensive test, this Bridal Beauty quiz by Qzzr might have yielded a somewhat predictable result for me but it gave me insights throughout doing the test, not just by the end result. Nice pictures to choose from and the range of wedding styles is wide. 

hair and makeup

Did you get different results for Wedding style and Bridal style? Remember, that the two wouldn’t have to be the same. Of course you can be a vintage bride wearing a sparkly mermaid at a modern venue – just call it Modern Romance.


Jo is dedicated to all things bridal. When she is not supporting and inspiring brides through Sheer Bride, she can be found designing bridal wear with the help of her three cats.

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