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No-Nonsense Guide to Bridal Beauty

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Type it in to any search engine, and you will get hundreds of thousands of hits on Bridal Beauty. There is a jungle out there – a vast, dense, dark and even sometime dangerous jungle that is easy to get lost in. Fat blaster moves, slimming pills, powders, miracle creams, paleo diet books, juice detox and even boosters for the bridal boobs are offered in abundance.

There is little questioning that at some point during her engagement a Bride will ask herself what she can do to get freakin’ beautiful for the wedding day. No doubt will she research the web for beauty ideas and perhaps even download a couple or more of beauty count down to-do lists, an exercise app and figure out what luxury skin care treatments will  quickest and most efficiently polish up her complexion for the most important day in her life so far. And we don’t say there is anything wrong with that, but here is what WE think:

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SO many websites, gyms, the beauty industry and the wedding industry loves to take advantage of the fact that a Bride wants to look great. Even to the point that they might try to make you feel BAD and inadequate of how you are currently. This is because there is a lot to be gained financially for them, while for you, it will mostly likely be a hole in the pocket, time consuming and sometimes an exercise in complete futility. We are submitting this post to remind Brides of a few essential facts before getting carried away in a beauty seeking whirlwind.

Think about it: when any person who sells something that could -however remote the possibility – be used by a Bride in her quest for wedding day beauty, hear that you are getting married, they will literally jump for joy inwardly as they know that you are already in a position of being highly open for suggestions, keen to try it all, at times not thinking in terms of sensibility, not to mention likely to be highly insecure presently, and in the process of spending large sums of money. In other words: a Beauty Industry Prime Prey. They will take advantage of that vulnerability to sell you  more of their beauty stuff or services. Be clever and don’t fall into the vanity trap!


But still you might worry about the photos, right? Yes there will be an abundance of photos for sure – but remember a Bride’s beauty isn’t in the size of her arms or if her size is a 12 or 8 – the entire package consists of your amazing dress, your hairstyle, the veil, head piece, nails, bouquet and even your perfume. But most importantly, your smile, energy and the joy you radiate. Any lumps, bumps or soft areas you have are not likely to be seen under your dress. And if they would – only you would focus on them.

We are not defending an unhealthy lifestyle – please don’t get me wrong here. And there are few things as de-stressing and re-energizing as a good sweat. Of course good nutritious food is going to make you stronger and fitter to take on numerous wedding planning tasks, and if your normal diet is full of junk it is definitely our advise to break that habit – but not because of the wedding but because it is best for you full stop.

But what about the essential Bridal skincare? Yes, it is essential to feel confident looking at your skin – but I ensure you that what ever works for you currently, will work perfectly on your wedding day to. As a matter of fact – your skin will most definitely be covered up by some super smoothing foundation that your make up artist brought that will make your skin look flawless no matter what is underneath.. that is just a simple fact. Trying a hole new range of products and treatments can in fact put you at risk of making it worse!

Focusing on eyes, lips and great hair – which you will do anyway – will deflect from any wrinkles and sun damage that might be present. Of course it would be great if we could all be rid of them, but as you already might have suspected, there is only so much one can do to control nature and the passing of time.

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Before you head to the nearest clinic, sign up for micro blading and hot yoga boot camp, have a read on what  we prescribe for all Brides:

  1. Stay healthy by eating a balanced diet. Stay clear of comfort eating such as cookies and junk, but don’t limit yourself either because – you guessed it – it will lead to cravings. Pasta and potatoes can definitely be part of a normal, healthy diet. “Healthy” doesn’t equal buckwheat and seaweed or other exotic “super” seed, it means that you eat a little bit of everything in a sane manner, including your grandma’s pudding.

2. The best skincare for you is probably the one you are already doing. If you have problem skin, there is no harm to see a specialist but remember this is costly and depending on the treatment – a risk in case it doesn’t go to plan. If you survived with it this far, it will be fine when you get married too. Remember the foundation I talked about? You can expect there to be lots of it no matter how good or bad your skin is.

3. Blackheads and bumps are (quite) easy to manage by using a scrub twice a week or so. Don’t be tempted to squeeze them your self. The gentle scrubbing will remove the clogged pores, so will a facial steam once a fortnight.

4. Seeing a facialist is always a nice treat, but you can also do them at home on your self. A good gentle wash, a scrub, a steam, ask your fiancé for a face massage and then a mask, and you just saved your self R500. Are you considering a peel? Say NO if you have never tried it before, and NO-NO if it is in summer time as your skin will be raw and extra sensitive to the sun.

5. Don’t be sued that you need to use a toner, more than likely you will just dry out your skin. In fact, washing your face too frequently will also not do you any favours – those skin care brands just want to make you believe you need more products of course.

6. Your skin rehydrates and produces a protecting membrane during your sleep, therefore, in the morning, a few good splashes of cold water and a gentle massage with a damp face flannel will be even better at preserving those barriers than a soapy wash.. It is good to wash the day off in the evening though, before preparing the skin for night with a cream richer than normal. Tip: blend in your favorite skin oil in your day cream.

7. Your key word is : REHYDRATE. Pack in the hydration by drinking water and eating fresh food with good oils. (Fish, seeds, olive oil -you have heard it so many times). Cutting back on alcohol can also be useful for this reason.

artichoke bouquet - I'm posting this as a joke... But it's so me!!!!

8. You can do a face mask as much as 5 times a week – just pack it in with gentle and moisturizing ingredients. Look in the kitchen: avocado, yougurt, papaya, honey and olive oil are your best natural beauty hacks.

9. Keep the hair healthy by trimming it 2 centimeters every 4 months. Do not try a radical new hair style or hair colour for the wedding. Do a nourishing hair mask twice or so a week. Overnight ones are deeper nourishing than the 15 min ones, naturally.

10. My to-go-to multi use natural, budget friendly and amazingly effective is A V O C A D O   O I L. How to use it: As a face mask. As a body hydration pack – leave on for 15 minutes before a shower. Add a drop to your face cream. To tame frizzy hair and make any hair glossy. As a lip treatment. Put it on your feet then sleep with socks on. Rub on any dry areas. Take as a supplement. Drizzle over salads and use for frying as it is more stable than olive oil. Use it wherever you would use a moisturizer, serum, cream or make up remover. It is much easier for your skin to absorb than other oils and unlike coconut oil it will not clog your pores!

Most important tip however: Stay sane! Not getting carried away with products and procedures, keeping level headed and beauty-smart will definitely make you able to enjoy your engagement and plan your wedding with a clearer mind.

Just Married

Loosing weight, being on a diet and embarking on a killer exercise plan is a heck-of- a time consuming venture and surely it is hard work to stay motivated and stay on track. Why give yourself further tough challenges when this time of trying to plan a once in a lifetime event will be tough enough? Don’t you rather spend these months planning the best possible day ever, enjoying every available opportunity with your fiancé and staying as calm and positive as possible in the process? If you have a routine in place, all you need to do is carry on. Walking and jogging are both great for getting fresh air and fresh wedding inspiration.

What I mean is that there is really no urgency to put yourself under immense pressure to look better, and to take on a mammoth challenge right now. (Most brides I know say that they lost weight for their wedding without even realizing it, because one is simply so busy and excited that it is easy to forget about that thing called food)

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A bride is at her most beautiful when she smiles and shows her happiness being by her grooms side and enjoying the day surrounded by friends and family. If you are feeling insecure and inadequate how you look, remember that your groom proposed to you how are and feels really lucky to get to marry you just how you are. You are unique and you are YOU, and that is what makes you so gorgeous.

If you ask me, normal and natural is a better look for a Bride than a skinny sex bomb with a super tan and bleached teeth. I admit that I would not say no to look like the cover of a wedding magazine, but it is just not necessary just because you’re getting married. Think about what look you want to express as a bride – make sure it is classic enough so you can be comfortable with your photos for a few decades.

Yes, our guidelines might be slightly on the laid-back and skeptical side, but our intention is simply to make you think twice, and encourage you to feel good in your own skin just as you already are. Confidence is a great beautifier. And a dose of skepticism is healthy!

Ps. Too much stress might give you wrinkles and grey hairs, so why add even more of it? (But we think wrinkly and grey haired brides are of course beautiful too)


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