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Fine Art font combinations


Fine Art Wedding Font Combos

Hello Font Fans and Wedding Stationary Lovers!

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We are so smitten by last weeks Fine Art wedding post that the obvious next step is to follow up with some fonts in the same spirit. For those of you new to the Fine Art Wedding concept, you can read more about it here.

In short, a Fine Art wedding captures the elegance of a bygone era, with an added flair of poetic romance. Think Lord Byron taking Belle from Beauty & the Beast to see A Midsummer’s Night Dream on an open air theatre at a château in France. Can’t quite visualize it? Dont worry – today we are mainly talking about typography!


LH calligraphy

The Fine Art wedding stationery suite is characterized by beautiful calligraphy, art-inspired paper – ideally handmade and/ or with deckled or torn edges, and aside from the decorative calligraphy, the rest of the approach is fairly minimalistic. Think Old World Elegance meets Modern Femininity.


photography by kayla barker

Ideal components to your wedding invitations, stationary and signage are silk ribbons, wax seals and an ink stamp with your logo. (Could also be printed digitally of course).
A botanical ink etching or watercolour element might be added if you would like a focal point, and the signs may be framed by loosely arranged flowers and greenery such as olive or eucalyptus.


Colours are usually muted with a base of faded ivorys and soft greys, with faint hues of pastels such as peach, lavender and dusky blue on the paperware. Colorize with flowers and fabrics such as silk chiffon draped over tables or soft cotton napkins.
The general idea is however to keep it simple and let the “handwritten” calligraphy speak for themselves.


It could be nice to leave something botanical on the plates together with the menu, such as a fern or olive sprig.

tara spencer fine art wedding designer

If we all had the luxury to hire a calligraphist for our wedding, that would be a fabulous thing. But the wallet-friendly alternative is obviously to get down to work in your own computer and draft up some authentic looking stationery yourself, – which you can do easily even in Word once you have installed your desired fonts.
Print in your home printer or at your local print shop with paper you have bought from an art supply shop.

In your Fine Art stationery design, ideally you’d choose 2 fonts only, one calligraphy and one classical base font. Serif would be the obvious choice for this but if you would like a slightly more modern and minimalistic look go for the sans serif. If your Script font is very swirly and decorative, it can look great to balance it with a sans serif.

New to the term serif? Please look at this diagram below:


Instead of using different fonts, mix up look by using different formatted letters in CAPITALS, cursive, bold or why not ALL THREE if you want to make something stand out, for example the date of the wedding. Back in the old days there were not as many font options as there are now, so this is how they achieved an interesting and varied look, that looks cohesive.

And don’t forget playing around with sizes

As in the beautiful picture example below, increasing the space in between letters in your name can also make it stand out more:

W I L L A and A L D E N

By experimenting like this you can get many looks out of only 2 fonts. Let your Calligrahy Font be the star of the show in any case.

idyll paper

Doing your own wedding invitations and stationary means more money left for a spectacular honeymoon, or that 6 burner gas stove you and your fiancé have been dreaming of. There is cash to be saved here if you are savvy – and don’t forget to look out for more DIY wedding stationery inspiration on this website.

Fine Art Wedding Font Combos










***Please check if licensing is needed if you plan to use these font commercially as many free fonts are for Personal Use only***


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