How to create a Highly Personal Wedding Day – with Free worksheet

Your wedding day is unique, and there is no exact rule how yours should be designed.
In this post we want to demonstrate the significance of creating an idea of what a meaningful wedding looks like to you.
After reading the post and using our free worksheet, you’ll have a vision to follow which will act as a reference guide when you start executing your wedding ideas.
Forming the ideas is the fun part. After that comes the practicalities, but let’s start with the envisioning before anything else!

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Creating a Wedding Vision before planning your wedding is almost essential to guarantee an extraordinary and unique wedding day. @ Sheer Ever After wedding blog

A marriage is a marriage not only between two people, but also between two peoples personalities, traditions, tastes and ideas of how the wedding should happen. Only you and your fiancé are in charge of how your wedding should look like, when it will happen, where and how it will take place.

Take as long as you need to to figure it out – there is no rush to decide a wedding date when you have announced your engagement, even though a lot of people will naturally be asking. Ideally you will have your wedding vision more or less defined before you decide a date or set out to look for a venue.

We created this worksheet to help you as a couple to define what a meaningful wedding looks like to you.
Print a copy each, then sit down to compare notes.

It is likely that each of you will have different ideas, so be considerate to each others wishes.
Give each other space to come with suggestions and give them equal thought.
As in any successful marriage – always compromise!

Download Wedding vision worksheet

Download My wedding Vision

As opposed to following a theme, how about putting together an event which is based solely on what you two love and enjoy?
This could be inspired by anything from your mutual travels to a country, elements from your favorite movie, based around an area of your country that you love, favorite time of the year etc.
Maybe you guys met in December in an acting class – how about a Romeo + Juliet inspired wedding with rich and moody colours?

A good way to find about you existing decor preferences is to look around in your home to pinpoint what decor do you already enjoy. See what colors are prominent,  if your style leaning more towards classic or perhaps quirky,  Elegant, Minimalist or lots of details… etc – your home will say a lot about you!

Maybe your existing style isn’t what you wan’t for your wedding, in which case you should start from scratch and dig around in your wildest wedding fantasies.

If you don’t know where to begin, you could always draw from a story book or movie that have influenced you. Imagination is your only limit – let anything that you find inspiring enthuse you.

In addition to your Wedding Vision Result, here’s some additional questions to discuss:

  • What inspires you as people?
  • What defines you as a couple?
  • What version of yourself would you like to present to your guests? Your adventurous  side, your eclectic side, or maybe you just want to go all traditional?
  • What would you like your wedding day to “feel” like, from a guest perspective? Fun, classy, edgy, original, ethereal, luxurious or anything else?
  • What colors and decor style do you wish you had in your own home?
  • Are you traditional – in which case what elements are really important?
  • Are you untraditional – what new traditions or versions of old ones could you add to make it yours?
  • What overall atmosphere to you want to create?
  • What have you always dreamed of for your wedding day? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to arrive by horse back – why not just do it?

Lets say you have settled on a Rustic theme because you both love the countryside. This doesn’t mean you have to keep all things rustic in your wedding.
A beach wedding may lead you into thinking that following a nautical scheme is the right thing. But a fine art wedding or bohemian theme could work as beautifully!

Blend in any style that works for you to make it special and exciting. Juxtaposition is a word that could be used liberally when planning a meaningful wedding.
When you go your own way as opposed to following a pre-determined plot, an individual expression and truly meaningful wedding can be achieved.

Certain combinations might seem destined to be together: such as Traditional + Elegant. Vintage + Eclectic. Beach+ Tropical.
But why settle on predictable looks when you can dream up your own combination on what already exists, or create a brand new category that only you can define. Many combinations of common styles may work.
And there are more waiting to be invented.

A note on Pinterest…

We all love Pinterest for wedding inspiration, but we recommend to not pin too much at as it will easily overwhelm the senses. If you find an idea you love, always put your own individual spin on it.

The more you pin, you might find that you feel more and more frustrated and confused,  and the more diluted your original vision will get.

You probably already have ideas ready to start creating your Vision now! Nail down the fundamental elements as early as possible as it will make further decision making easier.

Grab your copy of the Vision pack here in case if you forgot:

Wedding vision worksheet

My wedding Vision


  • Combine meaningful elements to suit your personalities.
  • Your wedding will represent the two of you’s unique blend of characters, so make sure to allow yourself to explore all the different possibilities this opens up for.
  • Don’t be tricked into thinking your must follow conventions or what a family member expects of you.
  • Make it truly about you by personalizing with elements that you cherish.
  • Pushing the limits of your imagination can be so rewarding and will create a truly meaningful wedding day style.
  • Lastly… There is always lots of gorgeous wedding trends to be inspired by, which you could pick and choose from to create your highly unique blend.
  • Guests are surely going to love it, whichever way you choose to get married. What is most important is that you create a day which is meaningful to you to as a couple.

Hopefully our ideas have given you some food for thought. Let us know how it went!

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