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3 Modern Bohemian Vision Boards For a Chic and Edgy Wedding

Modern decor is known for it’s sleek lines, smart minimalism and being scaled back on colour and ornate shapes.
Bohemian style is on the other hand bold, artistic, eccentric and vibrant, with lots of texture and details. How can it be possible to marry them?


modern bohemian vision boards

The care free Boho fashion dressed up in a sophisticated and sleek outfit results in an eclectic and varied look. Still contemporary and cool, the outcome is a lively and thought provoking  fusion.

Below you can find 3 Wedding Vision Boards for a Modern Boho Wedding, handily printable (and pinnable) for your inspiration. Click on each one to download your copy.


Modern Boho: Bride + Dress

MB bride and dress


Ceremony + Groom

MBceremony and groom


Reception + Details

Modern Boho reception and details

The synthesis of Maximalist and Modern works so much better than one can imagine. Adding both together juxtaposes the visually stimulating and unruly, with the neat and thought through. Combining the planned with spontaneous leads into limitless areas of expression, without being overstimulating. It gives you the opportunity to be rebellious and elegant simultaneously.

Being this forward striving and free spirited, it is a perfect style for modern wedding couples who wants to create a vivacious and diverse expression without seeming cluttered or scruffy. With creatively designed styling such as the Modern Boho look, gives you a cool urban wedding with so much detail to be awed and inspired by.

This is why we love Modern boho so much. Who doesn’t want to be wild at heart on your wedding?

Modern Boho reception and details


MB bride and dress


MBceremony and groom

Did you find these boards inspiring, and how would you use any of it at your own wedding? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments field below.

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