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Unique & Creative Wedding Color Inspiration

Unique & Creative Wedding Color Palette | This and more at

Sheer is excited to announce the addition on a few feature of the site! From now onwards, you’ll be able to find inspirational posts about wedding color palettes on a regular basis – so for all of you wishing to enhance your wedding harmoniously, make sure to sign up for out mailing list – don’t miss out!

Using a color palette in your choice of wedding flowers and decor means you’ll bring consistency and personality to your wedding day. Colors can subtly evoke emotions and is a powerful design tool, why so many wedding planners recommend color coordination. It makes it easier to bring your wedding look together if there is a flow of color throughout. The colors will also be the magic ingredient to achieve the look you want if you match your color scheme according to your desired vibe.
On the other hand, overly matched is unnecessary. If executed well, the design blends seamlessly together in a subtle symphony. Color perfection is not necessary – what you want is atmosphere, spirit and life.

What is different about our wedding colors, you might wonder? Firstly, we have not based the color palettes with specific themes in mind. For example, you won’t find colors specifically for – let’s say – “Rustic”. Why? We have come to the conclusion that a theme doesn’t require an exclusive set of color combinations. You are not destined to solely use neutrals at your rustic I do’s!
Instead, our design team have combined these hues with ambiance in mind, because any theme could have its very own sensory disposition, right? So you’ll find color combinations such as “Dreamy”, “Playful” or “Moody” – because you could have a Rustic theme with any of these vibes – and more!

Secondly, the palettes we developed are not based on wedding trends, not even wedding color trends. Yes you might see Green or Violet occasionally, but the difference is that they are added to complement  and enhance, and not as the primary focus. Because we think wedding colors should be timeless and rather be put together for their aesthetic value, as opposed to current flavors.
That means you will be guaranteed to receive color inspiration that will stand the test of time, and be purposeful for any kind of wedding.
Based on years of tertiary schooling in Fine Art and Interior Design, our design expert combine these colors to evoke an air of freshness, innovation and distinction.

A little bit about this weeks colors:

Cheerful and radiant, this color combination of yellow, pink, green, and purple will ensure your wedding has a diverse and characterful atmosphere. We have called this color family Unique & Creative, as it will suit a progressive and confident wedding couple who is not afraid to demonstrate their pioneering and fun temperament in their wedding decor.

Using these colors in flower arrangements and centerpieces, will display a positive and radiant pop of color in tablescapes and bouquets, brightening and enhancing any venue.
If you like to exhibit your playful, forward-striving yet down-to-earth personality, these colors are for you!

Tip: Love the winter palette for your spring wedding? Of course this is not an issue! Use as-is for a moodier and interesting atmosphere, or swap one of the darker/ deeper colors to a more pastely or fresh variant. Feel free to add metallic accent too! Chrome or Silver works well with the winter palette, and brass or copper with the warmer colors.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! If you have any thoughts – why not leave a comment at the bottom of the post.



Unique & Creative Wedding Color Palette | This and more at



Unique & Creative Wedding Winter and Autumn Color Palette | This and more at




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