Tashreeqah Sadien Couture – A Modern-day Bridal Fairytale

On a Corner of Main Road opposite the iconic Baxter Theatre in Cape Town I was fortunate to stumble upon a small but exquisite Bridal salon, with a window full of dreamy ball gowns so gorgeous that the sight brought on a wave of emotion. I had discovered Tashreeqah Sadien’s Ready-to-Wear collection, and soon realized that this talented designer deserves deeper investigation.

Tashreeqah has blessed our readers with an exclusive interview for Sheer – scroll to read more.

Tashreeqah Sadien Bridal Couture | SheerEverAfter.com - Your online Maid of Honor

Wedding Dress designer Tashreeqah Sadien creates bridal wear that combines timeless romance with modern glamour. Her creations celebrate the sensual side of the Bride, with magnificent details as a testament to fine craftsmanship.

Tashreeqah’s latest collection consists of elegant silhouettes filled exquisite details such as fine laces, hand embroidery and embellishments.
All four of her collections  are  designed with incredible amount of work,  each gown making a modern-day fairytale come true.

Tashreeqah Sadien Bridal Couture | SheerEverAfter.com - Your online Maid of Honor

The salon offers a ready-to-wear gowns as well as a custom-made service.  Brides can achieve their own signature look as Tashreeqah approach is 100% individually tailored. Each clients vision is transformed into an unforgettable garment.
The garment is brought to life in a highly detailed process ensuring a perfectly fitting gown.

Tashreeqah’s philosophy is to keep the making of your wedding dress a really special experience. By closely working with the Bride, each customer receives a personalized couture experience which results in an extraordinary and unique design.

Interview with Tashreequah Sadien

SEA: What inspired you to start designing wedding dresses?

T: Looking back when I was in primary school I remember how I loved drawing, sketching dresses and adding detail to them.  But I did it for fun, to amuse myself, to pass time as we lived in a very small town.  I have always had a big imagination.
A moment that stood out for me as a young girl was when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. She got out of the carriage with a big beautiful ball gown.  It was magical, I fell in love with this gown, how it moved and how a women carries it.
It really is a fairy tale moment.  As soon as a women has it on, it transforms her.  It is also by far one of the most important garments a women gets to wear and therefor it should be the most beautiful.

What type of bride do you design for?

The classic, feminine bride. My design style is very romantic, classic that combines glamour and fantasy details.
For my clientele, it’s [dressmaking] becoming a lot more detailed, and more opulent. A lot more of a grander look, a lot more detailed veils. But it’s still very diverse too, you’ve got simple gowns as well that are coming through.

Tashreeqah Sadien Bridal Couture | SheerEverAfter.com - Your online Maid of Honor

How do you go about designing a wedding dress?

I encourage brides to book their consultations 8 months before  their big day for a custom made gown.  I work very closely with my clients to create what they envision. In this sessions there is a lot of guidance and recommendations.  We present the brides with sketches and beautiful fabric samples are part of it.

Can you describe the collection in three words?

My 2018 collection was inspired by different materials such as laces and new beadwork and embroidery.  Its very detailed and romantic and each style is so different to the other

What’s your favorite piece?

I love the Harper design, its  hand beaded with pearls and crystals and a beautiful gold thread was used to sew each bead on. 

What is your advice for brides-to-be wanting to custom-make their own dress?

I think when you see an image of somebody that looks amazing and you’re like, “I want that whole outfit,” but you always should make something your own. Don’t try to emulate what someone else is wearing because they might have a different body shape to you and the clothes might not fall the same way on you.
I would also say to  trust your designers guidance, advice and expertise and work closely with them to come up with something unconventional and different that you absolutely love and that will WOW your guest.

Work with a designer that is good and who can guide you on what works for you.  A designer who is great will always steer you in the right direction and what style best suits you.

What do you love most about being part of a wedding day?

A bride is like the centerpiece of the wedding, isn’t she? The anticipation of her arrival, everybody waits to see her gown. So it’s really special to be chosen to make the gown, it’s such a special honour to do that. So I just love it.

What do you think the secret is for a woman looking great on her wedding day?

A lot of it is confidence. I know it probably sounds cliché, but I think if you feel good in something and you’re carrying that really well, you’ll give a good vibe.


Contact Tashreeqah to book your one on one consultation with her to discuss the vision of your custom-made gown, or visit the salon on 4 Nursery Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town to indulge in her ready to wear collection and bridal robes.

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