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Winter inspired free fonts

Whilst most engaged couples opt for a warm season wedding, you should never overlook the winter season as a wonderful time to get married. Of course, there are some limitations to how much time you can spend outdoors during  your celebrations, but with the right venue, a roaring fire place, a cozy atmosphere and warming accessories, winter weddings are just as pleasant as their sunnier counterpart – and can be made to be even more exceptional, different as they are!

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Winter opens up for fresh opportunities for decoration and design. Not only are venues  up to 60% cheaper (leaving more room in the budget for fulfilling other must-have elements) it also makes sense to enrich your wedding with  deep  and moody color schemes, be abundant with candles and glitter as well as sporting a gorgeous long sleeve wedding dress!

As Christmas is a time for wonder and magic, it makes sense to create a similarly enchanting wedding celebration if you are saying I DO around that time. Why not steal some inspiration from you most loved fairy tale?

Winter weddings can be made to be totally unique – so make sure your stationery reflects that, too.

For your stationery, the graphics department at Sheer thinks the colder weather calls for stationery which combines classic elegance with characterful charm.
The fonts we have gathered today are chosen specifically for their fusion of personality and magical coziness, so you will find a mixture of playful and hand written types, as well as sophisticated fine scripts that suits elegant affairs so well.

Blend relaxed and hand written with classically styish together if you want to create that chic winter wonderland ambiance. Choose 2 script fonts that resonate with your personalities and wedding theme, add your favorite serif or sans serif type and you will have a stylish and unique stationery and printables design.

Opposites attract when it comes to fonts, so if your main font is formal and bold, complement it with a second font with a feminine and dancing character.

Let one distinctive script font take the lead and be the weaving thread in your stationery design, but you might choose to also add a more easy-to-read script fonts for your menu, program and RSVP card, along with a neat base font for finer detailed print. Max 3 fonts is my recommendation, but if you are going for a hipster aesthetic you might want to add more.

Inspiration for wedding invite motif could be similar to the ones you plan to use in your decor, for example green wreaths and garlands, red berries, gold details, white pine cones or snow clad trees. Emerald green and crimson red will always be reminiscent of cosy family gatherings around Christmas time, so why not evoke the same warmth on your special day?
If you are more into the modern or minimalistic look, a silver and white inspired color scheme will bring out the cool sophistication that will highlight your modern style ideals. Transparent acrylic signs and silver metallic details will also give the desired subdued winter frost effect.

Bring it all together with beautiful ceremony programs that carries your invite design, menus and your welcome and seating plan stationery as well, and you will have a gorgeous cohesive wintery wedding graphic look.

100% FREE wedding fonts - inspired by winter |

Most of these are free for personal use only. Check licensing with the font author if you plan to use it commercially.

mist – BALQIS
wedding boots – FREEBOOTER SCRIPT (free for commercial use)
burgundy – CHOPIN SCRIPT
velvet tuxedo – DECEMBER SKY (free for commercial use)
cake frosting – DARLESTON (free for commercial use)
gold glitter – DIGORY DOODLES
fire place – WINTER IN JANUARY
candle stick – CANDLE SCRIPT
mulled wine – CONERIA SCRIPT SLANTED (free for commercial use)
hand warmer – WINTER BRUSH
pine cone – SHANY

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100% FREE wedding fonts - inspired by winter |

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