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You will be blown away by these gorgeous 2019 Wedding Trends

It’s going to be an incredible year for weddings and events in 2019, and we can’t wait to infuse your big celebration with the brand new inspiration this season.

Each new year the industry spots whats trending, and new revolutionary variations on the aspects of  getting married are shared and brought to life.

Scroll to read below on our highlight of the trends coming up this year – we promise you’ll be amazed!

As a wedding blogger, it never ceases to amaze me that weddings just become more and more innovative, cutting-edge and outrageously beautiful, always seeking to keep moving forwards even though the wedding day itself might be profoundly linked to traditions.

Engaged couples will choose to shake things up a bit in 2019, and focus on the guest experience. They will be updating popular concepts while bringing their own new ideas to their wedding celebration. Weddings will become more personal and heartfelt, with authentic expressions of love acting as a gift to your guests.

When celebrating their commitment, there will be less of a gimmick approach to luxury, but rather a more meaningful and authentic atmosphere.
The wedding will become more interactive and more memorable and entertaining for their guests, producing a lifetime of memories, as opposed to following a predictable wedding day routine.

An increased customized creativity in wedding with the use of adding visual interest, an expanded color palette and new textures means the wedding becomes truly unique.
This is the year where Palm readers entertain guests during cocktail hour, magicians, jugglers, fire spinners perform all whilst action heroes mingle with guests for a maximalist fete-like festivity.

Sunday and Day time weddings are trending, opening up an opportunity for a lazy brunch at a favorite restaurant, or a picnic style wedding in an al fresco location.
Wedding “vibes” will be the latest update on the wedding theme. This means you can personalize and be wildly creative picking out favorite elements to an unique composition, fusing together a mish-mash of influences that reflects your personalties. Don’t be surprised to hear of to theme variations such as Rustic-Opulent, Forest Disco, Scandi-Glam and Industrial-Japanese.



2019 calls for bigger and more unique. Typography and illustrations create graphic and bold black and white stationery. Adding video messages, incorporate maps and using a wedding websites are ways to make the invite process more modern. Design-wise,  Navy, Mixed metals, Water color, Bold botanicals and Monograms and wreaths will lead the way.


This is the year when soft, neutral and subdued pastels officially will give way to deeper and brighter colors. Couples will be embracing new color combinations, veering away from previously popular colors such as white, pale greys, light peach, dusty rose and blush, and head in a bolder direction.
The latest wedding colors are leaning towards vibrant palettes with plenty of bright and rich colors that are exciting, fresh and daring.
“Living Coral”, the Pantone Color of the Year, will be seen everywhere and combines well with  deep colors such as Emerald Green and Rust creating a modern flamboyant flair.
Darker colors will accent mauve, amber,  teal, burnt orange, mustard and terracotta. Green and purple continue to go strong.
Metallics-wise, silver and chromes will dominate, copper has still not vanished off the scene, and you can expect to see some glitter, too.

Tables and Centerpieces

Opulent Hanging floral centerpieces will be the focal point above the tables, leaving more room for candles, conversations and objets d’art.
Floral centerpieces, if at all used, will be accompanied or replaced by Plants and herbs. Using non-floral objects such as Ceramics, Wooden vessels, natural Textures, Dried florals, Grasses, Candles and Botanical elements, tables are decorated using creativity and artistry that stretches beyond conventional ideas of the centerpiece.

For the tables themselves, patterned textiles and luxe gold accents layered with embroidered or intricate runners will be seen more and more, banishing the traditional white table cloth.
For place cards, creating a “wow” for guests when finding their place will be popular using objects such as shells, miniature animals or an agate slice, which can also double up as the favor.


Whilst 2018 was a year for delicate organic minimalism, 2019 is the year for dramatic installations and opulent floral work.
Couples will opt for large floral and greenery installations, wilder and bolder displays of overwhelming textures of greenery and flowers in their chosen vibrant palette. More often florists will be asked to suspend their arrangements from above for a maximalist visual focal point.
Popular colors will be Carrot, Burnt Apricot, Sage, Purple, and mixing in non floral elements such as grasses, feathers, succulents or whispy twigs will be bang on trend. The bolder and bigger the better – you may call it Floral Frenzy!


This years decor trends synchronizes with the floral modus operandi: Opulent, Colorful, Creative and full of textures. 
Modern wedding couples will choose to create personalized focal points and adding a unique touch into the wedding. Custom signage, statement backdrops, plenty of candles, quirky neon lights and of course – lush florals.
With the opulent theme, Exotic and Ethnic influences are going to be spotted more frequently, with colors, patterns and textures reminiscent of Morocco, Mexico, Peru, India or Nepal. Earthy hues, carved wooden pieces, rich velvets, glass, mirror and metallic accents, shrine like displays and floral garlands.
But obviously this is not the only decor style which is trending! For couples that are just not into eccentric decorating, there will be something less visually stimulating happening at the same time. As with interior design trends, the Scandinavian styling will be seen in modern weddings. Understated, clean lines, earthy timbers, pale greys and tan leathers will all create that less-is-more yet cosy Hygge atmosphere the whole world adores.
For the outdoorsy or contemporary couple, a Modern coastal wedding vibe will do the trick: keeping things light, relaxed, elegant and refined. Think fresh whites, natural textures like cane and rattan, gold accents, dried foliage and statement sofa settings.

2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor

Wedding Fashion

Couples and their wedding parties will experiment more in their fashion choices with different colors, textures, silhouettes, and eye catching accessories. Velvet or crushed velour is the fabric of choice for suits, bow ties, bridesmaids dresses and fashion details in general.
Especially popular colors for the ‘maids are going to be Coral, Navy, Emerald Green and Rust, corresponding with the overall rich and bold color palette.
Since the Royal wedding, the High neck and Halter neck line has become a preferred fashion choice for bridesmaids and Mothers alike. You’ll also see wrap or asymmetrical gowns, perhaps even with daring thigh-high slits.
The latest trend for the Groom is custom suit lining in his tailored suit, which is made to be comfortable and versatile enough to be worn again and again.
Groomsmen will inherit the mix and match trend, making the entire wedding party abundant with individual expression.

Food and drink

Just as the wedding trends so far are a feast for the eye, menus will be a Smorgasbord for the senses. Weddings will become more food and wine-focused as modern couples embrace food and beverage as an integral part of the wedding. Grazing tables will replace formal sit down starters, and instead of served canapees, caterers will be asked to set up DIY food stations with Charcheturie, cheese, olives, meditteranean tapas style dishes for guests to pick from at their own leisure, extending mingling hour and enjoyment of the creative environment.

Instead of serving the standard Chicken, Beef or Veg, couples will want to experiment and customize their menus, perhaps having a 100% vegan menu. Serving on small plates and adding more courses gives guests the chance to experience several options on a small scale.

The foodie couple will indulge their guests with food and drink pairings, and
special cocktails custom made with fresh ingredients.

Drinks wise, a mixologist can assist guests in selecting new and different drinks to try. Custom cocktails created with craft Gin served with fresh herbs or fruit is the alcoholic beverage of choice.
Including  a specialty bar, like a tequila or scotch tasting, is a fun activity that will replace the conventional bar and make the bar experience more interactive and sensory stimulating.

Venues and vendors

2019 wedding couples will want more Unique and off the beaten track venues. These could be camp sites, breweries, distilleries, ranches, Air Bnbs, boutique hotels or why not a coffee shop. Blank canvas venues with great architecture, raw natural characteristics, quirky elements, old houses with original stones walls, greenhouses, warehouses with industrial windows and exposed metal beams will attract and create the perfect backdrop for wedding creativity to be unleashed on.

More often, modern Bride and Groom to-be’s are locally and environmentally minded when planning their special day, getting more personal when hiring vendors to ensure they connect meaningfully. They might choose to get to know a vendor over coffee or a glass of wine to make sure they are a good personality fit for the project – which makes sense given this is someone you are going to spend a year of your life with planning! Just as you want the right skill and price point, also make it about sharing the same vision, common ground and understanding.


You can expect to see couples express their individuality and personal hobbies in their reception by visual imagery and audio and lighting effects. This could be achieved by means of incorporating Art, Experimental video and other Installations, Visual effects, noveau Light features, creating a bite-size festival atmosphere, all whilst a Drone buzzes above to capture it all on a by-air wedding video.
Projection mapping, Smoke bomb exits, bespoke neon installations, basket lights and colored taper candles will become a thing in 2019. Edison bulbs, globe lights and lanterns will replace the string fairy light.

2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor

2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor

2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor


Cakes this year will have more “clothing” than previous Naked and Almost naked cake trends in recent years. The almost Dressed cakes is finished with butter cream with just a slither of cake peeking through, then dressed up artistically with decorations of choice.

Artistic movements continue in the Painted cake trend; using edible colors to achieve ombre water color effect, or painterly strokes abstract style. Brushstrokes can be created by using melted chocolate and a brush, applied to the cake will look like a stunning sculpture of modern art.
This artistic cake trend results in bold designs rich in color and texture which will be will have your guests talking about it for years.
Textile motifs will override the marble effect for the modern bohemian soirée.
A Dark – black or navy – fondant cake is a dramatic look for the unconventional couple, the perfect cake to accompany the moody, edgy or industrial inspired wedding vibe.
An alternative trend is skipping the big cake and serving many smaller ones on a cake buffet table, each with their own individual flavor, or even to bake individual mini-wedding cakes to eat on the go.
Couples might forgo the idea of baked cake and rather serve a tower of their favorite biscuits, a cinnamon bun wall (which replaces the donut wall) or cooling guests of with a spectacular ice cream cake.

But lets not forget about the Classic White wedding cake! Old school is also making a come back this year, sparsely decorated with beading or colorful flowers. Bakers will be asked to experiment with the shape however, with hexagon shapes being the latest craze.

What do your think about this seasons trends? Pretty radical and visually extraordinary right – just as unforgettable as you want your wedding to be. We think it is ever-so refreshing when weddings are filled with eye-catching details like these!

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2019 wedding trends | Sheer Ever After | Your online maid of honor