Overwhelmed by wedding planning? These steps will quickly help you gain control

Did you get engaged on Boxing day or perhaps New Years day? Congratulations! This is the most exciting thing -EVER- and I am sure you are still buzzing on the proposal high and those butterflies have not really stopped fluttering in your belly yet, have they? (They won’t stop for some time actually)

You have spent a month just soaking up the excitement and admiring your ring and perhaps started to dream of venues, dresses and your invites. And possibly realized how insane that wedding planning to-do list really is…

This is why we are writing this post – below are 7 steps that will springboard you into planning mode, and they will quickly and easily tell you what to start thinking about now and why – without overcomplicating it. The rest will come to you naturally, but here’s the essentials which will help you get a firm grip. Once you got this the rest makes sense!

Steps to take now:

1: Budget

Research what things are expected to cost. Sit down together and decide -as a team- what is a reasonable figure to spend. It is a special day, but it is also one day… and there is a long happily ever after which will also require spending.

  1. Create a spreadsheet with all elements that you want to include. (We actually did this for you already – grab your copy of the Budget Planner here)
  2. Budget-Guestlist-Venue are three factors that go hand in hand. Their individual budgets needs to be established more or less at the same time.
  3. A large budget and large guest list doesn’t mean a greater wedding. What makes the wedding great is the atmosphere, shared love and the meaningful gathering to celebrate your commitment.


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2: Find a venue

The venue you choose will determine a lot of other details, so firming up on venue is the second essential step!

  1. Once a budget has been figured out, research and visit venues. Have a basic idea of number of guests, preferred date and if you want it to be outdoor or indoors.
  2. See at least 3 different venues unless everything seems to fall into place earlier.
  3. Only when you know the venue of your dreams availability, you’ll be able to finalize your wedding date.
  4. Make sure you know exactly what their fee entails. Ask for a list of all services included and what isn’t.


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3: The dress

  1. Research your local bridal salons and book at least 3 appointments. Book appointments with salons that stock dresses in your budget and sample size.
  2. Have an idea of what you are interested in trying, but try not to be too fixed on one particular idea.
  3. Set a budget when shopping for your gown – and remember to include accessories and shoes in it as well.
  4. Try to not over-think it! It might sound impossible, but the truth is that the more you try the harder it is to buy. The ideal dress will flatter your body, reflect your personalty and fit with the intended wedding. No body needs to cry for it to be “the one”!


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4: Finding vendors

Your vendors are the makers of your wedding, so spend at least a month to  think about what you would like your wedding to be all about. Once you have figured it out it is time to research the vendors that seem the most capable of enabling that vision.

  1. Always ask for references, look at previous work and check their websites and social media accounts.
  2. Ask about what is included, hidden extras and when to pay deposits.
  3. Give them the guidelines which will help them to help you get married the way you want.
  4. Everyone will appreciate not being micro-managed. Choose vendors well, then trust their professionalism and let them do their magic.


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5: The photographer

Your photographer is the one who will capture this significant day. Ensure you find the one who takes the photos that you will want to look back on.

  1. Look at their portfolio and make sure that you love the photos you see, as you can’t ask them to change their photography style.
  2. Schedule an engagement shoot with the most promising photographer – this makes great practice for how it is to be photographed professionally, as well as getting an idea of the photographers craftsmanship.
  3. Consider a videographer – maybe even a drone!
  4. Find a worksheet with questions you need to ask your photographer here. 

6: Develop your wedding style

Don’t be afraid to express your personality in your wedding. It makes day even more spectacular!

  1. Think about ways to inject  your wedding with elements that says a lot about you as a couple.
  2. Put a limit on wedding inspiration. After you formed ideas of how your wedding should look and feel like – stop pinning. Let your wedding be -authentically- yours.
  3. Tell your story with personalized touches which are meaningful to you.
  4. Dont be afraid to challenge traditions in order to host a truly memorable event which stands out for its uniqueness.
  5. Find more about how to create a personalized wedding here.

7: Staying on top of the game!

Weddings are days filled with anticipation, expectation and fuss that can be exhausting and overwhelming to fulfill. The greatest importance is that you have fun with your Groom, family and bridesmaids whilst preparing for it.

  1. Do what you can to avoid placing too high expectations on yourself and the day.
  2. Cross out all the irrelevant items on the to-do list that just doesn’t ring true to who you are.
  3. De-dramatize as much as possible when planning; try to keep perspective and always remember not to get too serious about all the smaller details that will shortly after the wedding not matter a great deal anyway.
  4. If planning get too much – simplify, delegate and try to not control everything.


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I know you wan’t everything to be perfect, but that you are getting married is the biggest treasure of all, and it is  going to be awesome, whichever way it turns out!

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