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18 daily beauty strategies that most Brides overlook

The bridal beauty industry often talk about juice cleanses, crash diets, laser treatments, and invasive facials, all in the name of chasing the ultimate wedding day beauty.
We think there is so much to learn from top models and French women who swears by keeping things simple when it comes to their daily beauty regimes. The idea of straight-forward beauty is that it should be something that brings you a sense of pleasure – not a job to perform.

Use our fool-proof but effective daily habits below to rethink your routine and how it could be kinder, gentler, easier and more pleasant as you prepare to be a bride.

  1. Keep everything you do light and simple. If you start using 25 products on your face, the moment you don’t have them, your skin will be depending on it. Just keeping your skin clean and being good to it is enough to build up healthy and naturally resistant skin.
  2. Put your money into keeping your skin naturally radiant and clear, rather than on foundations or concealers.
  3. Let your skin and hair care routine be a highly sacred ritual, whilst your makeup and blow-dry routine can be more casual.

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4. In the morning, wash your face using only water, or at most just a gentle oil-based wash. Using face wash products that are too drying results in overproduction of sebum which can lead to breakouts.  The oils that built up at night are very healthy and protective for your complexion and will prevent dull skin and aging. Don’t wash it all away – try using only a bit of micellar water on a cotton ball.

5. Store your less frequently used creams and serums in the fridge, and makeup in your bedroom. The humidity and warmth of the bathroom shortens their lifespan and can encourage bacteria to breed in the bottles.

6. Never wear any makeup to the gym or when sunbathing. A note on sun: always use high SPF. Consider spray tanning instead.

7. Regularly clean the things that touch your face, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

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8. Never use very hot water on your face and hair as it can dry out and damage it. Instead, just go with a moderately warm temperature when you shower and wash.

9. While pore strips are fun, using them too often might result in larger pores and weakened skin. Rather lightly steam your face over a facial steamer to naturally open up the pores, use a mild scrub or cleanser and then apply a toner to close them up. At all cost avoid squeezing and poking.

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10. Moisturizing is the most important for everything: your hair, your face, your body. Use masks for face and hair as much as 4 times a week, interchanging natural ingredients and store-bought formulas.

11. Invest in a fragrance- and dye-free moisturizer that can be used as an all-over treatment. The effectiveness of a gentle baby lotion should never be underestimated! 

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12. Moisturize morning, throughout the day and before bedtime. Treat the skin on your neck and décolletage the same way you treat your face.

13. Wash makeup brushes with mild perfume free shampoo once a week. It keeps them and your skin clean, and the brushes last longer.

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14. Don’t over-wash your hair or use clarifying shampoo too often. Dry shampoo is your secret weapon. Over-washing strips your scalp of the oils it needs to grow healthy and strong hair.

15. Go easy with straighteners and don’t blow dry more than you absolutely need.

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16. Always wash your face thoroughly at night, making sure to remove all makeup. Why not wash your face and your makeup off as soon as you come home from work, and give your skin some resting time? This will remove off grime that built up during the day and be an opportunity to apply a soothing mask, too.

17. Make the most of your sleeping hours. Moisturize hands and feet while you sleep. By applying a rich cream, putting socks on you’ll wake up with beautiful soft skin. Use facial nightly masks too for effortless rejuvenation.

18. Have a glass water before going to bed (not too much) to aid the body’s nightly renewing process. Address and process your stress before going to bed so your sleep is as undisturbed as possible.

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