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Scandinavian wedding decor inspiration

Influencing our homes and wardrobes for years, the world has come to love the Nordic countries for their effortless style and ability to bring about laid-back elegance with simple means.
Part nature inspired, part airy minimalism, these design oriented countries just knows how to create dreamy no-fuss environments even on a small budget.

We think this concept would be perfect for a stylish yet affordable celebration – why you should definitely consider adding a little Nordic bliss to your wedding!

Crisp cool colors – white, slate and blue hues – combined with natural materials gives this decor theme a pure appeal.
The raw beauty of candlelight, rustic crafts, sprigs of green and natural decorations is true to Scandinavian style, and is not hard to achieve either – in fact, less is more! The Nordic people are not known to be maximalists, in fact it would go against their modest principles. “Posh” is not a word commonly used to describe their way of life.

The Danish are famous for the clean and modern aestetics, often with a cheerful midcentury flair, whereas Norway and Finland has more of a rustic fairy tale vibes. Sweden brings a little bit of both, perfectly balancing functional minimalism with folklore tradition. You can expect to see a bit of paegan and even Viking influences, especially for weddings around midsummer and Christmas which are hugely significant traditions in the north.

In todays post we are sharing our favorite Scandi-cool wedding decor elements which we are confident will help you create an amazing wedding look that oozes of natural coziness and understated luxe.


How to achieve a Scandi-inspired ceremony:

  • Seat your guests on ultra-modern or vintage wooden chairs (most preferable Nordic design!)
  • Add candles and fairy lights for warmth
  • For summer outdoor weddings, a homemade arch, or for indoor weddings, a minimal structure clad in foliage
  • Aside from the above, keep the other decor to a minimal
  • Did you know: in Swedish weddings the Groom and Bride enters the church together!
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Center pieces

How to achieve this gorgeous Scandinavian look

  • Use natural elements such as moss, pinecones, twigs and foilage
  • Create little “scenes” on the table, effortlessly but tastefully placed
  • Not too much of anything – aim for the not too little-not-too-much-just-right-but-not-too-right-though amount (A term known as Lagom in Swedish)
  • You can go either more rustic, or more modern, or strike a perfect balance in between
  • Upcycling and foraging is appropriate
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How to dress a Nordic table

  • Combine your centerpieces with glass vases and white candles
  • Borrow freely from holidays such as Christmas and Easter traditions
  • Pale color schemes will give you that dreamy and pure look
  • Add some greenery to bring in the natural world, which is something the Scandinavian people love
  • You can take the direction of modern/ minimal, or more towards Paegan/ rustic. In both scenarios, understated is the way to go
  • The Nordic people love functional and handmade tableware design. This means clean, minimal lines, nothing too decorative or opulent, but crafted ceramics are welcomed.
  • If you want something more ornate, quaint vintage tableware is the best option.
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How to achieve a Scandinavian cake design:

  • The Nords do love their baked goods! For most celebrations, the cake consists of light sponges filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Translated to wedding cakes, you’ll need something more stable. But keep the flavor fruity and not too rich
  • A traditional white cake sparsely decorated with green will result in a elegantly understated cake
  • The handmade look is just as appropriate – scatter with berries and flowers for a midsummer vibe
  • Simple, rustic and not opulent is the truly Scandinavian way
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