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Tips for your engagement that you didn’t know before

Not that there aren’t enough on your planning checklist already, but with today’s post we want to highlight the unknown tips that will extensively make your engagement more streamlined, and ultimately more pleasant. When your wedding day journey has fewer bumps in the road, you can arrive at the altar feeling your best and most prepared!

Organizing hacks

  • You already know to start an email account with the sole purpose of handling all wedding related correspondence. Make sure to label each email with the right category, for example RSVPs, catering, bridal boutique inquiries, venues etc. You’ll find what you need so much easier.
  • Also set up a Messenger/ Whatsapp/ Viber group for wedding communications with your Groom-to-be, and likewise with your Maid of Honor. Your normal conversation thread will not be flooded, and it will be easier to look back at what discussed. Plus, you’ll be able to easier put the wedding planning aside once in a while – a tip you’ll later find most useful!
  • You’ve already downloaded our Planning checklists and Budget Tracker, right? Make them into Google docs that you can access anywhere from your email – and invite everyone involved in making your wedding happen.
  • In a similar way, create a vendor spreadsheet as well, with the timeline for the day and all essential guidelines and instruction for fulfilling the wedding, and be sure to create separate tabs for each vendor where you can gather all information which is specific for their area. The week before the wedding (not the night before) update the revised timeline and remind all vendors to check the latest and final update. See this as your control room for the wedding where you have everything in one place like a dash board.
    Structure is going to save you a lot of headache and worry!
  • Aside from all these tecchie tips, nothing beats a pen and a note book for ideas on the go. Buy a pretty note book of manageable size and keep in your hand bag – who knows, you might come up with the perfect wedding logo design whilst waiting for your friend in the coffee shop.
  • A separate bank account will of course make budget management much easier… aim to get a credit card with perks as you will be using it lot for the next year or so.

Everything you need to know to start wedding planning

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Achieving the wedding dream

  • Contrary to what Pinterest has given you the visual impression of, your wedding must-have list shouldn’t contain too many things. Prioritize your dream aspects of your ideal wedding day and shape it around your unique identities. The need to “have it all” is actually just an imagined notion. Think of ways to de-clutter the day to contain only the most important traditions – or new ones – according to your personal preferences. Many of the other things can be given less priority/ budget, or left out entirely.
  • You are going to be faced with decisions.. a LOT of decisions! Have a long engagement if you don’t want to rush things. If making decisions make you anxious, try to make decisions as a team. Find a way to rationalize and simplify. Discuss in advance with your fiancée which decisions are crucial and which are not so much. Strike a balance – perhaps if you can’t agree on something, divide your to-do list into areas of responsibility. As a married couple, you’ll need to compromise on many future things.. now is a good time to start!
  • Expectations… are of course running high and you wan’t everything to P-E-R-F-E-C-T. But try to lower the bar and focus mainly on having a great time with your Groom and family. It will save you stress and prevent disappointment. Many of the details will simply be forgotten about soon afterwards. When faced with tricky decisions, always ask yourself… how much is this ACTUALLY going to matter?
  • Learn to say NO in a polite way. Everybody loves to come with tips and ideas for your wedding and have a say! It might soon start to become annoying, so find a way to instantly seem grateful for their advice, whilst deflecting from an immediate commitment. Something like: “Thats a sweet idea, thank you – we will definitely think about it, but at this stage we have many of our own wishes to fit in as well”. Your aunt will hopefully understand!

What you don’t actually need in your wedding

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The “perfect” wedding dress

  • If possible, ask your wedding dress salon to sew in a supportive bra that you know fits you perfectly into the dress. This way you can hug, dance and be lifted and squeezed by your groom without the worries of a boob slip.
  • Avoid getting your dress altered at the bridal boutique, as they add huge charges for this. Rather take the dress to a professional and reputable dressmaker or tailor, who will do it for a lot less, and possibly even better.
  • You shouldn’t need to visit 5 bridal shops and try 50 dresses before finding the one. Research the bridal shops well to ensure that they are likely to have something you like before even booking. The perfect dress is comfortable, make you feel special and fits in with the wedding. Being not entirely unpractical is a good thing too. Choose with your personality and budget in mind – beyond that, there is no need to over-complicate it!

What you must know before your first bridal appointment

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Bridal beauty secrets

  • As you get engaged, vow to set aside at least 1 day per week where you do a bit of extra pampering for yourself. Such as a foot soak, a sauna, a DIY facial treatment. Not because you are trying to achieve a Miss Universe complexion, but because anything which is pampering is also relaxing and rejuvenating, which will ultimately boost your confidence and wellbeing.
  • Don’t rush to the chemist to stock up on a myriad of new beauty products. Chances are you will confuse your skin – and spend the wedding budget. Stick with your tried and tested routine, perhaps just adding an extra set of steaming, exfoliation and mask, all which can be achieved at home.
  • It’s of course tempting to sign up for boot camp and get into the best shape of your life. But be advised that you will need all the time and energy you can spare for planning related affairs, so don’t exhaust yourself too much. Of course, a gym session or a run is great to manage stress levels, but trying to loose lots of weight can be a stress in itself. Besides, your Groom already thinks your the hottest person in the world!
  • Feeling relaxed, comfortable and smiling will ultimately be the secret to the bridal glow that everyone is taking about!

The truth about bridal beauty

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Make wedding memories last

  • A wedding hashtag can be used to capture moments from your engagement and wedding preparations too. It is a great way to make instant memories as you go along. Print your favorite snippets and make them part of your wedding album, or for framing in your home.
  • If you have time, keeping diary is a great way to write details about your engagement such as the proposal, wedding dress hunting journey, fun with your bridesmaids, planning decisions and simply just keeping track of your emotions. It will be a fun memory to look back at afterwards, when you miss being a bride.
  • Obviously, choosing the right photographer should be high in the list of priorities. Always do an engagement shoot as this will be a practice run to be photographed professionally with your intended, and of course to see what the photographers work is like.
  • Music for the wedding day is even more important than your decor. Music brings memories and can really make or break an atmosphere. Make a must-have list of songs for the DJ, as well as a must-not-play list. This will ensure the best party. Include songs of several genres to suit guests of all ages and walks of life.
  • As soon as you have come back from your honeymoon, start to write down your wedding day memories as if you are telling an audience the whole story. Once you have received your photos you will have a nice spread to share with anyone interested – why not in a coffee book format? Especially family will appreciate this as a gift!
  • Did you know you can submit your wedding for publishing on this blog? This is a wonderful way to memorize your special day in a public space, and inspire and advise other brides-to-be.
  • Ultimately, being engaged and preparing to get married is a very special and rare time in your life. Try to savor and enjoy it as much as possible!