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Key trends for a spectacular 2020 wedding

It is a new year and wedding planning is already well underway for those who got engaged last year. And we are of course all wondering what 2020 has in store for us!
We have rounded up some of the most gorgeous (and achievable) trends that will result in truly epic weddings.

What we have noticed so far is that couples want to make things colorful, elegant, climate friendly, abundant yet simplified – ideally all at once!
And it is possible – just scroll on to be inspired by the creativity and curiosities of weddings 2020. We are quite sure you will love it as much as us!

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Install great lighting

Be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, great lighting instantly makes your venue into an enchanted space. As soon as the evening sets, let the magic of light come on to let the venue sizzle at sunset. This will ensure a cozy, festive and beautiful atmosphere.
The right lighting creates a wow factor and a theatrical feel and make simple decor elements really pretty. If the lighting is right, you could even get away with less artifact decor.
Give traditional rope lights and stark uplighters a miss, in favor of exposed bulbs, cafe lights on string, candles in glass vases and large chandeliers.

Keep guests comfortable

In your 2020 wedding, think about how guests are experiencing the cocktail hour whilst waiting for you and your groom to do your photos. Avoid leaving them hanging around for 90 minutes by making sure there is food, drinks and some entertainment. Here is an opportunity to create a mini-festival atmosphere which will put everyone in a great mood that will last all night.
Set up a place where people can sit, mingle, take snaps – perhaps in front of a cool neon sign or floral wall as well as something for the kids. Serve creative boozy drinks, novel hors d’eouvres and organize great tunes or live music.
Tip: don’t make the cocktails too strong as you want your guests to stay sober long enough to dance later!

Go eco

May it be Greta Thunberg or the uncontrollable amount of plastic in the oceans, wedding couples are now more than ever looking at ways of reducing the amount of carbon foot print, single use plastic and excluding co2 heavy menus and transportation.
2020 is the year to cut back on unnecessary waste, go for degradable decor and to be as eco-friendly as possible. Ideally your invites are made of recycled paper, and your wedding ring created with an ethically sourced or a family heirloom.

Decor wise, it will be desirable to go for natural confetti, beeswax candles, foodie or plant favors, upcycled vases, bio straws, signs made of upcycled wood, living pot plants and bamboo where plastic might normally have been used.
If you are keen on the balloon look, but worried about the ocean – paper lanterns will give you the same effects (and provide ambient lighting too).

A hot trend is recycling or re-purposing your decor post-wedding, and to choose local in-season flowers, giving them away to an old age home or shelter after. Charitable action might also be chosen as opposed to give favors.
Other eco-moves could be to arrange a shuttle service for your guests, and of course – have a local venue as opposed to a destination wedding.
Pledge a commitment to an eco-friendly, zero waste wedding and you’ll not only be a trend-setter bride, but also lead an example to future wedding couples to do the same.

Bring on the balloons and tinsel

On the contrary, there is also a wave of traditional “party” decor seen in weddings. Our guess is that couples want to decorate with simple, low effort means and abandon the theme in favor of easy-to-get-hold of, easy to store (and affordable) party decorations. It will certainly add color and fun, but may not be that eco-friendly of course – although you could always choose the bio-balloon variety and recycled paper instead of plastic tinsel.

Expect to see tinsel and balloons anywhere from aisle decor, ceiling hanging arrangements, ceremony arches, backdrops, bridesmaids bouquet and even clothing!

Create with color

2020 weddings welcome earthy tones as well as bright, cheerful hues, ideally in combination.
Make your wedding palette vibrant and varied by including a range of colors as opposed to just a couple. The cassis pink and flamingo hues appears to be favorited, along with mustard, olive, classic blue, mint, lilac, caramel, orange, terracotta and faded blue.
A secret: colors take up more “space” than neutrals – meaning you need less decor than with an all-white wedding.

Use flowers in abundance

It is to be expected that spectacular flower displays -fresh and dried – will be seen everywhere this year, from the cakes, hanging installations, backdrops, lush table runners and basically on display in every area of the wedding.
Especially opulent will the aisle decorations be, which will be adorned in colorful flower textures, both dried and fresh, and with mixed in grasses.

Another great thing about flowers is that they make for great compost matter – something wedding couples will appreciate. For eco-friendly flowers, choose varieties that grow locally and are in season and add in dried flowers, too.

Simplify the decor and use organic materials

As the focus will be on flowers and lighting, the artifact decorations will be kept at a more minimalist level for weddings this year, with the focus being on natural decorations.
This is good news – not only will it reduce overall wedding expenses, give a less cluttered appearance, (and more colorful and textured displays) it will also result in less stress and organization of “stuff” before and after the wedding.
Say no to once-off use decor items that will only be glanced at, and focus on the colors, simplicity and the natural beauty of organic materials.

Have an outdoors wedding with a period feel

Are you noticing a theme in the wedding ideas so far? The majority of these trends seem to be speaking of an appreciation of the natural world, the beauty of organic materials and the simple, colorful result you get when decorating (or not decorating) this way.

Outdoors weddings have been popular for a long time, with the bohemian, rustic, farm-cozy and festival themed weddings. But quite possibly have wedding planners and couples been pushed slightly over the edge with years of shabby chic, hessian, hipster food trucks and dream catcher weddings.

This year it is the formal garden party’s turn to be celebrated, resulting in lush, enchanted magic with influences of Victorian wedding elegance.
Think less rustic farm stall or lumberjack vibes, and more towards high society in the early 20th century.
Perhaps we have missed a bit of the “finery” with years and years of either very rustic, or very contemporary wedding flavors – now Old World sophistication seems to make its way back.

Venues such as castles, stately homes and manor houses with large gardens will take more bookings, as will fine art stationery makers and calligraphists, and the rental companies that offer grand chandeliers and vintage cutlery will do well in business too!
This revival of classic wedding elegance feels quite refreshing, don’t you think?

Let the lounge area be luxurious

As a natural progression from the practice of keeping your guests entertained and comfortable during cocktail hour, comes the idea to have a comfortable and stylish lounge area where those that need a break from the dance floor can chill.
This year (the year of keeping other decor simple) is a great year to bring some luxe factor into the furniture, to create an extraordinary atmosphere where guests can really feel like they belong to something special.

Steer away from a too rustic or boho look, and rather think towards a stylish vineyard/ Southern elegance and some added cool with plush upholstered seating and contemporary tables. It will be worth the extra work!

PS. Don’t forget to pair with great lighting!

Create a frame ceremony arch

Ceremony hoops, copper arches and geometric ceremony structures has been popular for years already, but the trend which is the strongest is arches consisting a spindly frame and lavishly adorned with flowers and grasses.
This gives a contemporary yet organic, light and airy feel where the flowers can really be appreciated as they seem to almost float in the air, continuing the theme of natural, simple and colorful wedding decor.