New Bridal collection – coming soon

Sheer Ever After is proud to present you an exciting new venture and addition to our brand. SHEER BRIDE is a new label created to meet the needs of today’s modern bride looking for something contemporary, elegant and extraordinary.

The emerging label has a strong a motivation to bring effortless, flattering silhouettes and a new perspective on detail into the contemporary bridal landscape. 

The collection is created for today’s independent bride who is intent on writing her own bridal playbook. Inspired by self-assured, open-minded women, and guided by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, we explore the rules of bridal fashion courageously. 

Featuring bespoke detachable accessories, individual tailoring and easy customization, each gown reflects individuality and reveling femininity, allowing the focus to remain on the bride, her comfort and the beauty of her true self.

Severely set back by the madness of 2020, we are finally unearthing our debut collection in early November 2020

Stay in touch with our Instagram page for sneak-peaks during October

You can contact us directly for more info.


For more information for bridal shops please contact

We are very excited to roll out our pre-campaign in October with the full launch planned for early November.


Jo Malin created this blog for modern couples who yearns for the extraordinary. Based on her sheer love of transparent planning advice, artful styling and contemporary bridal looks, she writes for the freedom of getting married the way you want. When she is not editing the blog, you can find her sketching and sewing for the new label Sheer Bride, vintage shopping, building a ceramic sculpture or walking on the beach.