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Your Essential Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

It is a good idea to know the basics of wedding dress design before hitting the bridal shops. This way you’ll avoid spending too much time on dresses that are unlikely to be right for you and your wedding. The bridal gown horizon is vast, but with this guide you can easier navigate towards your goal: your dream dress!

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Which wedding dress neckline is best for me?

Did you spot your dream dress in a magazine, only to find that the dress just didn’t look right when you tried it at the bridal shop?
Often when a wedding dress doesn’t work, it’s because of the neckline, so this topic is definitely worth exploring. Not only is the design of your wedding dress bodice a fashion statement and a personal expression – the right neckline can also amplify your natural features, help to camouflage a problem area, create a balanced silhouette and lay the foundation for amazing accessories.

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How to choose the right bridal accessories

Whether you love the idea of a traditional bridal look, or you prefer something more modern, here are some useful tips to help you create the perfect combination of accessories for you.
With our advice you have all the information you need for spectacular wedding accessories that are also based on your individuality!

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Tips for your engagement that you didn’t know before

Not that there aren’t enough on your planning checklist already, but with today’s post we want to highlight the unknown tips that will extensively make your engagement more streamlined, and ultimately more pleasant. When your wedding day journey has fewer bumps in the road, you can arrive at the altar feeling your best and most prepared!

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This is why a unique wedding is so much more fun

What is the adjective you would choose to describe your ideal wedding?

For many, “romantic” would be the first word that comes to mind, whilst others might opt for “magical” or “traditional”.
Of course it is natural to be dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding day that puts your romance in the center of attention in the traditional way. Ultimately, it is precisely what weddings should be about; commemorating your eternal and sacred vows.

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Sophisticated elegance is a key wedding trend for summer 2019

For several years, rustic weddings with their down-to-earth looks and retro influences have led the field of summer wedding styling, with Instagram and Pinterest full of retro and bohemian ideas to make anyone’s special day that extra bit quirky.

Whilst these DIY influenced weddings are totally adorable and so popular for their mass appeal, after seeing burlap, chalkboard signs and mason jars in a few too many social feeds, a breeze of sophistication and refined wedding style is a welcome addition to the modern wedding theme landscape.

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How to save on your wedding venue and reception

It is hard to get away from the fact that the venue and reception is often the biggest portion of your wedding budget.
Seating and feeding all your guests, as well as providing entertainment and beverages, can eat up to 60% of the total wedding budget.

In this post you’ll find clever ways for ensuring that you don’t spend more than necessary whilst having the wedding of your dreams!

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Scandinavian wedding decor inspiration

Influencing our homes and wardrobes for years, the world has come to love the Nordic countries for their effortless style and ability to bring about laid-back elegance with simple means.
Part nature inspired, part airy minimalism, these design oriented countries just knows how to create dreamy no-fuss environments even on a small budget.

We think this concept would be perfect for a stylish yet affordable celebration – why you should definitely consider adding a little Nordic bliss to your wedding!

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Save on Wedding Decor Without Compromising on Elegance

Did you know that spending too much on your wedding is what newly-weds usually regret the most? And no doubt, after months of spending and stressing about items it is over in a flash, and fussing over napkin color for weeks suddenly seems pretty minor.

Carry on reading to discover that you can leave out more than you think, but still win big on style.

Bold extravaganza and splendor doesn’t mean more impressive or attractive. Nor are you  confined to the shabby-chic or hipster look just because you are budget-orientated, neither. 
What can be defined elegance is not necessarily the opulent and glitzy trims, but by opting for a well executed and well composed  look you will stretch your decor budget a lot further – maybe even leaving spare change for your dream wedding dress or honeymoon.

It is true to say that your wedding will be the most memorable if you don’t try so hard to do what has been done over and over again, but instead aim create your own personal spin on elegance.

Just think about it: the fewer details, less to buy/ make/ store/ transport/ install/ take down/ dispose of = a lot less to worry about!

We encourage you to create a beautiful wedding experience with a balanced level of tasteful details which still brings on a luxurious feel.
This you’ll achieve if you spend your money in the right places – only things that matters to you and your groom – and leave out the excess that wedding traditions or Pinterest might have led us to believe we “need” to have a sufficiently beautiful wedding.

And today we will tell you how!
Below are our tips on how to scale back on the dubious details – that no one actually cares about (and you won’t get time to enjoy) – and amplify the raw beauty of your commitment and love!

We tell you the details you can skip if you want true elegance at your wedding | This and more at

blue chiffon ceremony arch | ceremony kissfloral hanging installationsweetheart tablepicnic wedding | table number

Overall Wedding style

  1. Don’t follow trends but aim to stay timeless. Not only will your wedding photos age better, you will not have to pay a premium for trendy items, whereas classic items (candelabras, white linen, metallic accents) is readily available anywhere at any time of the year, not only for weddings but interior decor in general.
  2. A black tie dress code and color scheme is a fool proof way of hosting an instantly elegant affair – combine it with a hint of something that you are both into – perhaps incorporating a flavor of Boho, Moody, Industrial, or modern looks for a personalized twist.
  3. If your wedding style is based on “you” and not the latest craze in the wedding industry, there will be less worry that you will get sick of or embarrassed of your wedding decor in a few years time.
  4. Ultimately, not implementing a theme will be the least costly, as you don’t have to be concerned with co-ordination. Just call it “Nature-inspired Minimalism” or “Purely Us”.
  5. Styles that are forgiving on a budget are Minimalist and Rustic, with Vintage also with great potential.
  6. A laid back Scandinavian inspired decor with candles, glass vases and natural elements will go down really well and be super easy  to achieve, and all your guests will love the cozy Hygge atmosphere
  7. The more paraphernalia you need to make the wedding look like something specific, the most stuff you’ll need to spend money on creating the look.
  8. An classic/ minimal/ or slightly rustic atmosphere will be the easiest to achieve, generally – and you will definitely be able to have personal style within this.


How to create a Highly Personal Wedding Day with Free worksheet

We tell you the details you can skip if you want true elegance at your wedding | This and more at

blueberry pancakessignature cocktails | winter wedding | minimal macramé backdrop |industrial venue | wooden table


9. When it comes to your decor, keeping it simple and understated is the ultimate secret for saving money. Finding the right balance can seem tricky, but it is easy if you establish 3 areas that are the most important to you where you focus the decor, and place the high impact items here, and choose low cost items (or none) for the rest.

10. Simple glass holders for candles and minimalist vases are easy to find and can all find a new purpose afterwards, keeping some for your home, or why not selling the rest to a new Bride – or giving back to charity as a conscious move.

11. If your wedding venue is set up well, they will have the basic items that you can use, maybe even free of charge, and all you need to do is to bring your flowers and candles.

12. Instead of thinking Cheap – think Spending Wisely. Avoid cheap impulse buys or anything that you didn’t plan to have in the first place.
Write your wedding shopping list early, and be strict. Walk away from temptation and stick to your concise plan. 

13. You won’t have a particularly luxurious look if details such as gold balloons, glitter menus, sequin table runners and plastic orchids were included solely because they were cheap to buy. With too many fancy extras, your wedding might end up tacky,  and you would have wasted your money and effort in your quest for style. If  your wedding is full of discount buys with no finesse or thought behind it, it will look anything but elegant. Don’t risk it looking like a work Christmas party!

14. Tasteful simplicity strikes as elegance, and it is most likely your creativity with materials and unique arrangements that will make your guests jaws drop – as opposed to your jaws when you see the overdraft on your credit card.

15. Aim for a personal look that can’t be found in commercial outlets, that you have chosen carefully because you genuinely love it.

Things you dont actually need on your wedding day

We tell you the details you can skip if you want true elegance at your wedding | This and more at

moss runner with roses | succulent | eucalyptus garland | gold votives bridalore



16. It is a common wedding trap to think that making everything yourself is a budget friendly option, but this is often not the case. If you insist on crafting, choose your projects wisely and limit yourself to 3 projects, and ideally your materials are free, or at least inexpensive.

17. Although DIY decor an be fun and rewarding, it can also end up being costly and time consuming. Sometimes the end result is disappointing if didn’t quite work out as beautiful in that pin you saved.

18. Key words are Easy and Effective:  you need to be fairly sure that the outcome will look good before you spend money on materials.

19. Rustic or vintage wedding decor is usually easy to forage or find at low cost. Invest in a few bottles of  your metallic color of choice and spray glass bottles, vintage frames, branches and vases. Black or white can also look stunning used on candlesticks and table number displays.

20. In the end of the day, your guests are there to celebrate your marriage, and not to look at your exhibition of craft projects

We tell you the details you can skip if you want true elegance at your wedding | This and more at

hanging lightbulbs | cookie bag|block candle centerpiece| guest book sign etsy



20. Flowers could be a DIY project if you get a few helping hands the day before, and can store the arrangements in a cool place overnight.

21. A florist will be able to guide you on seasonal and local varieties that will be more readily available and therefore affordable 

22. Decorating with single flowers in vases along with sprigs of greenery on the tables is a tasteful effect which is sufficiently elegant.

23. Try to make use of what is seasonally available in your area. Cotton, cherry blossoms, flowers in your Granma’s garden, your own succulent collection, grasses or sunflowers that grow in a field nearby… being thrifty doesn’t mean you’ll have a wedding that looks it!

25 Ingenious ways To Save On Wedding Flowers

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How to stay on top of your wedding budget

Let’s face it: money is a crucial question when planning a wedding!

Even if your dad owns an oil company and money happens to not be an issue, you should always set a realistic budget – however big or small – as you start wedding planning there will be endless of decisions to make, and a big deciding factor is the budget.

You will soon learn that there is no upper limit of how much could be spent on a wedding – so it’s essential to determine that limit yourself NOW. It will make further decision making later so much easier, trust me!

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