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At Sheer Ever After, we are head over heels and crazy in love with all things wedding. We love inspiring readers with wedding stories and believe that there is no right or wrong way to get married.
Our passion is guiding couples to a wedding day which is a reflection of their own unique personalities. We especially love demonstrating that it’s ok to break traditions!

Sheer was launched in 2017 as a community and resource of inspiration and hacks for curious and creative brides and wedding planners. The mission is to encourage wedding couples to create a wedding which mainly focuses on their shared love.
It is not always easy to forgo the dramas which are attached to planning  – but by coming back to the core (Love) you realize what their wedding should essentially be all about.

If you love beautiful weddings, sensible bridal attitudes, exploring new paths, pioneering fashion, learning tricks how to make your planning smoother, less stressful and not as costly, this site is for you.

What we do here

Our target is brides who wants to get married their own way, whichever way that might be. We put a spin on wedding concepts, de-bunk myths and try to find new perspectives and also some common sense amongst it all. Our wedding horizon is endless and we love finding new weddings to write about.

Our primary focus is décor, fashion and planning. We also love graphic design and a lot of our visitors come for our popular wedding Font collections that are going viral on pinterest boards all over the world.




Who am I?

My name is Jo (Johanna) and I was born in Sweden about 34 years ago.

I never thought I was the bridey-bride, as I wasn’t ever a real girly-girl. But not long after that ring was on my finger, weddings was the only thing on my mind.  I loved being a bride! Not only the fact that I was getting MARRIED, but to lavishly gorge in bridal couture, spend hours designing crafts, and those champagne fuelled planning lunches with my Maid of honour, yes- that was really great.

After the wedding had come and gone, I thought that the daily habit of dresses, decorations and  wedding pins would subside – but girl, the obsession grew even stronger.

This blog is the lovechild of me and my passion for all things Weddings and Bridal life.

Why do I adore weddings?

The love. The happiness. All the breathtaking fashion, stunning photography, mind blowing venues, and oh – my favorite part: the ceremony!

A wedding day is like a dream come true for most, and to finally experience it is a wonderful feeling. Writing about weddings for other Brides helps me live and breathe that excitement every single day. I regard myself blessed to be able to do so!

Although it was challenging many times, being a Bride made me want to become a better person. Weddings inspire me, from the inside and out.

My background in art and design, and always an avant-garde at heart, I can never stop dreaming of the imaginative and creative aspects of a wedding day. The limitless possibilities with decorations, the gorgeous graphics one can create with wedding stationery, and of course the glorious fashion.
I am a firm believer in that a wedding is a work of art. Creating is a way of expressing yourself, in a way that brings me joy and inner peace. Just like a beautiful picture you painted, your wedding day, and later the album and memories are snapshots of the wonderful love you created. I truly believe that your wedding is the visualization of you and your husband-to-bes feelings for eachother made into a tangible object.

With every blog I write, I try to put that same love, artistry and effort in.

I am also a fan of:

Cuddling with my fluffy cat (you can follow him on Instagram) and blowing fake farts on my husbands belly. Having great food with great friends, baking rusks, and walking by the ocean. These are the simple things that make me happy.

My vices:

Pasta. Soda water. Coffee. Pinterest. Wedding dresses!

Living in Cape town is the best thing ever – so much beautiful nature, friendly people, awesome designers and beautiful wedding venues!

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Now, can I please hear about you?

Tell me your story! How did you meet and how did he / she propose? What kind of wedding are you planning, and how is it going? Are you excited and elated, and perhaps a bit scared too?

I’d love to be a part of your Bridal journey and help you where I can. I am writing for Brides like you who are curious on what lays beyond the perfect image of Brides in wedding magazines, who is willing to challenge wedding clichés.

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