Best For Me: Alluring Alternative Wedding Dress

Inspirational Indie text


You tend to be more independent and non-conformist. It is possible that people call you hipster, but actually you are Indie and that is a brig difference. Your normal clothes have an eclectic tone. You have your own sense of fashion ideas and trends and usually wear whatever you want. We recommend you to search for an offbeat and different wedding dress. Perhaps go for dip dyed ombré, tea length, 20s or mid century inspired cuts works for an experimental look.

You are not afraid to be different and you have a keen interest in artsy things. As you often reject the attitudes of mainstream consumers, look for a dress which is truly unique and poetic like you are. Stay clear of traditional dresses – consider buying one from a vintage shop and have it customized. Or why not check out local up-and-coming designers? As a true anti-princess and avantgarde, avoid the warehouse high-street style bridal shops all together, and rather look in hard-to-find places such as quirky small scale designer shops, or Etsy.

Neck lines and sleeve styles that will suit you are modest scoop neck, boat neck, t-shirt sleeves and 3/4 sleeves. 2 piece dresses and dresses of an unusual colour or pattern is something you can also pull off. You are the kind of bride who could also pull off something very different, such as a blue dress. Tulle is a great material for a dreamsy, artsy look.

Designers to look at: Truvelle at Etsy, Rue de Seine, Indie Bride London, Self Portrait, Callahan, Delphine Manivet, Stone Fox and for accesories check out Minna.