the story of the blog

SHEER BRIDE is a modern wedding blog for couples who yearns for the extraordinary. Based on our sheer love of informed planning, beautiful styling and unique looks, we write for the freedom of getting married the way you want.

What started as a personal bridal journey, Sheer was launched in 2017 as a resource of inspiration for brides and wedding professionals. Our readers are brides who want to get married their way, and we are passionate about supporting brides-to-be in lighthearted and transparent ways.

If you love beautiful wedding decor, stunning photography, down-to-earth bridal attitudes, exploring new and alternative fashion as well as learning the ropes how to make your journey to the altar more sensible and smooth, this site is for you.

The mission remains to support wedding couples to create a wedding which is based on the uniqueness of their relationship and personalities, whilst sensibly working through any obstacles on their journey to getting married.


This site is the lovechild of me and my passion for everything Bridal. My name is Malin Johanna and I am so honored that you have stopped by!

Before I got engaged, I had no idea I was going to be so enthusiastic about bridal. But as the ring was on my finger, weddings were the only thing on my mind. I was getting married to the man of my dreams – the best person in the world – at the same time being presented with so many creative opportunities, hours of DIY projects, and trying on dresses in beautiful bridal salons, which quickly became an unstoppable passion. After the wedding had come and gone, my obsession was still there…

I write articles for Brides like you who are curious on what lays beyond the seemingly flawless image of Brides in magazines and social media, and all of you who are willing to reinvent wedding traditions and do it your own way.

An engagement is a unique time that should be treasured, every minute of it. Staying connected to brides through the blog helps me share that excitement with you on a regular basis.

I ‘m an advocate for weddings as a personal reflection of the couple, and as designer I recognize the artful expression within the aspects of a wedding day. Just like a beautiful portrait, the experience of your wedding has the potential to  be a visual account of your relationship.

No wedding tradition should ever restrict the way your wedding is planned – it is all about your unique story!

On this journey, I also discovered the passion I have for designing wedding dresses.

The journey to finding my own dress was sadly very frustrating. After many fruitless searches and appointments, I hired a dressmaker to create what I couldn’t find in the shops.

After an initial awkward result, I had resorted to hire another dress maker. But ironically the second dress was even worse! 
Knowing that my first two options hadn’t worked out, having now blown my budget, I created a new dress out of lace I found in the local classifieds.

A few days after my wedding, I cut my first wedding dresses apart and began making news one with the materials, which was the dawn of Jo Malin. 

This overwhelming and bumpy ride drove me to help other brides to avoid the same challenges. It has also inspired me to continue making wedding dresses, assisting other brides towards their dream dress – and to be able to design for other brides is the greatest blessing!

Please stay connected! I’d love to be a part of your Bridal journey and assist where possible.

Many thanks for stopping by!

Warm regards,