Sheer Bride is a young label with a motivation to bring effortless, flattering silhouettes and attention to detail into the contemporary bridal landscape. Inspired by the self-assured, liberated woman, the label offers a modern yet graceful statement.

Sheer Bride designs for today’s bride – a self-reliant and open-minded thinker, who is determined to follow her own bridal rules. Unbound by tradition, she knows she can be as playful, powerful, edgy or elegant as she likes.

The designs are created for the bride who loves fuss-free looks with a sophisticated aesthetic, and fashion-forward design elements. Featuring a flawless fit that complements and moves with the body, each gown reflects understated elegance, directing the main focus on the bride and reveling her charisma.

The 2020 “Morning” collection is all about freshness, clarity and a sense of ease: crisp lines, light-weight skirts, clean yet dreamy designs that make the bride feel natural, bright and ready for life’s new great adventure.