Best For Me: Magnificently Modern Wedding Dress

Magnificently Modern text


You are a contemporary and trendy bride, who appreciates modern art, minimalist interior design and sophisticated fashion. You like clean lines and your wardrobe tend to be monochrome, mostly great brands with a few statement pieces of high quality. Look for a dress with quality fabrics, immaculate tailoring, and interesting proportions which are all characteristic of this modern wave of classicism that you appreciate. For your wedding dress, why not go for a “less is more” approach, definitely skip the frilly details and let the design be modern and sleek – possibly skip the lace all together. If you want to take it further but still keep the minimalist look, go for geometric cut outs, architectural structure and paneling for a truly fashionable statement dress.

Vera Wang, Amsale, Rosa Clara, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Karla Spectic and Angel Sanchez have designs in the sophisticated and sleek style that suits your discerning taste so well.