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Must-know wedding tips from 10 real brides

If you’re recently engaged, congratulations! You have probably read all the bridal blogs there are to read, downloaded a silly number of ebooks and likely have a number of questions and countless new decisions to make as you’re starting to plan your venue, ceremony, reception, and all pre-wedding events leading up to the BIG DAY. While advice books are […] Read more

Breathtaking ideas for a 2020 elopement

I really enjoyed writing this post especially, and gathering the inspiration, as it has given me a sense of hope and optimism in challenging wedding times. I hope you as a bride or wedding professional will agree with me that an elopement is an amazing alternative to a conventional wedding, and should not need to […] Read more

This is how you get the most value (and enjoyment) from Wedding Vendors

You are in the early stages of wedding planning and have realized that even if your family and friends possess many combined talents, you will need to rely on professionals to make your dream wedding come true. Finding vendors is an art of balancing budget and fulfilling your vision, and it is vital that you […] Read more

9 Real wedding planning secrets you need to know

Planning a wedding is no joke! You are faced with months of to-do-lists, checklists, ideas that need to be researched, stuff that needs to be sourced and many, many decisions. Today we want to share our modernized top tips to help all newly engaged couples to a ride which is a little bit smoother, but […] Read more

A Wedding Planning Timeline Infographic

Perhaps you have found this post because you just got engaged, and you are beginning to explore the vast landscape of Wedding Planning tips that can be found online? Or you have been engaged for some time and need some fresh advice of how to stay on top of it all? etsy First of all […] Read more

Can you trust your wedding photographer?

Planning a life time experience such as your wedding, at all times you’d want to avoid unnecessary stress, and the knowledge that you got the right vendors involved in the making of your immensely important day will protect you from those worries. Your photographs are the eternal memories and the visual account of your once […] Read more

Engagement tips no-one told you – yet

Not that there aren’t enough on your planning checklist already, but with today’s post we want to highlight the secrets that will extensively make your engagement more smooth. If your wedding journey has fewer bumps in the road, you can arrive at the altar feeling your best and most prepared! RelatedEverything you need to know […] Read more

7 updates to modernize your wedding planning checklist

You are counting down the days until you both say “I do,” and have accomplished some fun parts of the preparations such as wedding dress browsing, deciding on color theme and who will be your bridesmaids. But as you might have realized, wedding preps can be challenging! If you since having seen the wedding checklist […] Read more

How to save on your wedding venue and reception

It is hard to get away from the fact that the venue and reception is often the biggest portion of your wedding budget. Seating and feeding all your guests, as well as providing entertainment and beverages, can eat up to 60% of the total wedding budget. In this post you’ll find clever ways for ensuring […] Read more

Overwhelmed by wedding planning? These steps will quickly help you gain control

Did you get engaged on Boxing day or perhaps New Years day? Congratulations! This is the most exciting thing -EVER- and I am sure you are still buzzing on the proposal high and those butterflies have not really stopped fluttering in your belly yet, have they? (They won’t stop for some time actually) You have […] Read more

8 Essential Wedding Venue Search Tips

Who is to say which is the right wedding venue is for you? Well – no other than yourself. Whether you opt for a barn or a ball room (or create a ballroom inside a barn), either location could be the perfect venue. What matters is that it fits with your vision and desired wedding ambiance […] Read more

How to write the Perfect Wedding Guest List

    Creating the guest list may come as the first big challenge on your journey towards marriage.  A wedding is a joyous opportunity for two families to come together. To make it happen, there will be a lot of balancing of budgets, logistics and wills, and pulling it all together (hopefully without falling out with […] Read more

Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Vendors – Free Work sheet

Your vendors are essentially the corner stones of your wedding, and therefore it is fundamental to find those that you feel confident in to involve on your Special Day. They are in charge of many elements and practicalities and your wedding would not be possible without them. Your vendors are (or at least should be) […] Read more

How to create a Highly Personal Wedding Day – with Free worksheet

Your wedding day is unique, and there is no exact rule how yours should be designed. In this post we want to demonstrate the significance of creating an idea of what a meaningful wedding looks like to you. After reading the post and using our free worksheet, you’ll have a vision to follow which will […] Read more

Your wedding planning start-off point

There are so many ways to get married – just have a quick look at Pinterest, wedding blogs or your giant feed of insta wedding inspiration. If you have a fixed idea already, deciding where and when your wedding should take place and designing how it should look like could be as easy as 1+1 […] Read more

17 Wedding Quizzes to Find Your Wedding Vision

Sheer is not sponsored by the organizations in this post Wedding Quiz collection Recently engaged and feeling overwhelmed by multiple choices? Confused by contradicting advice and stressed by dresses, themes and décor styles on Pinterest? Instead of debating nautical over steam punk, why not define your own personal wedding style? If you don’t know what that […] Read more

How to Cure Wedding Planning stress

Having been a bride-to-be for nearly 6 months, I have definitely had moments of despair and disbelief, especially in the last month or so which proved more challenging in ways I could have never expected. First it looked like my mum suddenly wasn’t going make it because of requiring surgery. My maid of honour had […] Read more

Elopement Weddings – pros and cons

Wedding planning is the best thing ever for some – and the worst for others. Not every bride and groom are smitten by the idea of a big celebration with a hundred or more of people around them. Your personalities, priorities and your lust for adventure might just make it more sensible to elope as […] Read more

A List of all questions you need to ask your Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue is one of the first things that you need to do when planning your wedding. Picking the right venues for your ceremony and reception are invaluable to creating your perfect wedding day. Before you start visiting your dream venues, you’ll need to know exactly what questions to ask to make sure you’re choosing […] Read more

This is how to plan a more Eco Friendly wedding day

Typical weddings are known be heavy on resources and can clock up quite a few carbon emissions and materials going to waste after being used just for one day. But having the time of your life doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to the environment at the same time, without compromising on your dream day’s […] Read more

How to avoid common wedding pitfalls

From losing your engagement ring to overdoing it on decor or failing to keep guests protected from mosquitoes, read on to find out the most common wedding planning errors brides-to-be make. Get your ring insured Even if you are the most careful person in the world, accidents that are beyond your control could happen, God forbid. Never […] Read more

Work Sheet – Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer is almost like looking for a wedding dress: there are so many out there and they pretty much all look amazing when you see the photos. But it is not always clear until you see them in real life and find out if it fits. There are important things to […] Read more

A free Wedding Planner to help you plan the best wedding

UPDATESD FOR 2018** Sheer  Ever After is proud to give you this weeks freebie; which is an insanely useful WEDDING PLANNER! We love this because it has a month-to-month schedule for you to tick off as you go along, and the wonderful feature of this particular planner – which no other wedding planner spreadsheet has […] Read more

Use this free Budget tracking tool for easy control of wedding costs

Planning a budget for your wedding can be a daunting and complex experience. As you research your costs and requirements, you need an easy way to manage expenses and keep track of the numbers. Sheer have created this ingenious (if we can say so ourselves) excel budget spreadsheet which  automatically calculates the suggested percentage of […] Read more