This blog is the lovechild of me and my passion for all things Bridal. If you love beautiful weddings, sensible bridal attitudes, exploring new fashion, learning tricks how to make your journey to the altar smoother, this site is for you.

What started as a personal bridal journey, Sheer launched 2017 as a resource of inspiration for brides and planners.
The mission remains to encourage wedding couples to create a wedding which focuses on the extraordinary uniqueness of their relationship, whilst bypassing the pitfalls of wedding planning and imagined needs to “have-it-all”.

Our audience is brides who want to get married their way, and we love finding new ways to look at how to practically and emotionally support brides through confusing and overwhelming times in light-hearted ways.

Who am I?

My name is Jo Malin. Born in Sweden, I lived my 20s in London to then move to Cape Town, South Africa.

I never thought I was going to be a “bridey” bride. But not long after that ring was on my finger, weddings were the only thing on my mind. I was getting married to the man of my dreams – the best person in the world – at the same time being engulfed in amazingly creative opportunities, spending hours crafting, and trying on dresses in beautiful bridal salons, which quickly became an unstoppable passion.

After the wedding had come and gone, the obsession was still there…


Why do I adore weddings?

A wedding day is a dream come true for many, and to finally experience it is a wonderful feeling. It is a unique time that should be treasured, every minute of it. Writing about weddings for other Brides helps me live and breathe that excitement on a regular basis.

I am a firm believer that a wedding is a work of art, and as designer I recognize the personal expression within all the creative aspects of a wedding day. Just like a beautiful picture, your wedding has the power to be the visual account of the relationship you created.

No wedding tradition should limit the way your wedding looks and is experienced – it is all about your unique life story!

My own dress…

The journey to finding my dress was tricky. I bought two dresses after months of hard searching and failed fittings; the dealings with the people involved with making it were nothing but unpleasant, and overall belittling. Although I had two options to wear, the dresses were both badly made and didn’t fit, one was too short and the other the wrong silhouette!

Knowing that my first two options didnt work out, I designed a new dress out of lace I found in the local classifieds.

Literally just a few days after, I cut my first wedding dresses apart and began making others, which was the birth of the Jo Malin label…

The overwhelming and bumpy ride drove me to help other brides to avoid the same challenges. It has also inspired me to make better quality wedding dresses myself, which has turned the disappointment into a motivation to creating countless of special dresses that other brides love to wear.

“Ewan” was the first dress I made

I have never intended to be a “bridal boss” but more like an online Maid of Honour who is here to hold your hand and support. I am writing -and designing- for Brides like you who are curious on what lays beyond the perfect image of Brides in wedding magazines and social media, and all of you who are willing to challenge wedding clichés and go your own way.

Please share your story with us, and do stay connected! I’d love to be a part of your Bridal journey and assist where possible.

xx Jo