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We would love to present your beautiful and unique weddings to inspire our readers. If you as a photographer have a burning passion for artistic, candid photography, love shooting unique details and deeply in love couples, please send us an email.

Wedding couples are also encouraged to submit their favorite photos – we will ask you to do a short essay along with your photos – contact us for the guidelines.


We love strong,  moving weddings that celebrate couples in unique ways.  Aesthetically, we lean towards modern, fashion-forward and creative styling.

We are especially looking for weddings that have the following: outstandingly gorgeous photos, unique looks for the couple and/or bridal party, personalized details of the day, a stunning and unusual venue and a sweet love story.

We’re  looking for diverse submissions with every race, nationality, age, size and gender.

Submission guidelines

Please send only images that meet our size specifications
– Include photos of decor details as well as portraits of the couple and bridal party
– A vendor list with links
– A short but informative description –  such as the couple’s love story, favorite aspects from the day, any other uniqueness etc.

We will ask to see photos of the bride’s dress, hair,  bouquet, the cake, the table décor and strong couple portraits.

Always look at the photos as a whole when you submit, so be choosy about the images you send. No more than 20 photos is enough for an initial submission and we love to see creative details and for you to showcase your style as an artist. We favor creative, poetic photography with personal details and true  romance, all laid out in a clean and uncluttered format. No need for heavy filters – we love natural light and dimension.

A submission that comes in the right format is most likely to be published. Select a variety of landscapes  and portrait images and  a short perspective of the day from you as a photographer.

For your initial submission, curate only the best images to tell the essence  of the day, highlight the details, showcase emotions, etc. We don’t need to see  every single photo you took, or versions of the same pose. We  want you to share the best photos of the most significant moments for us to understand your point of view.

You are welcome to submit real weddings and styled shoots, along with engagement, elopement, vow renewal and bridal portraits. DIY-hows and Bridal fashion editorials are also very welcome.

Send your original content only! Always address to us, and not other blogs!

To receive further instruction of how to submit, kindly contact us using the contact form below. We currently only take submissions via Dropbox.

We are looking forward to see you work!