62 Candid bridesmaids photos that are better than the shot list

Although some quirkiness is great for social media posting, the best bridesmaids’ photos tell a honest story and offer something unique. If you also want to show how heartfelt your wedding is, as well as planning the bridesmaids photo shoot list, you’ll want to let the moments just happen as you experience your wedding day […]

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Choosing your bridesmaids: Do’s and Don’ts

You are engaged and just started a wonderful and exciting journey of preparing for the biggest party of your life. You naturally want some friends with you along the journey for support, encouragement – and some practical help too. There are some important factors to consider in order to create the best Team Bride to help […]

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Unique Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Love to Wear Again

Your bridesmaids are excited that you’ve chosen them to be your bridesmaid! I swear they will do their best to stand by you and support you as you plan your wedding day. But you have to try and do the same for them. If you’re lucky, you have been a bridesmaid at least once in your lifetime. […]

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