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How to create a Highly Personal Wedding Day – with Free worksheet

Your wedding day is unique, and there is no exact rule how yours should be designed.
In this post we want to demonstrate the significance of creating an idea of what a meaningful wedding looks like to you.
After reading the post and using our free worksheet, you’ll have a vision to follow which will act as a reference guide when you start executing your wedding ideas.
Forming the ideas is the fun part. After that comes the practicalities, but let’s start with the envisioning before anything else!

Planning a meaningful wedding | Sheer Ever After | Your Online Maid of Honor

Creating a Wedding Vision before planning your wedding is almost essential to guarantee an extraordinary and unique wedding day. @ Sheer Ever After wedding blog

A marriage is a marriage not only between two people, but also between two peoples personalities, traditions, tastes and ideas of how the wedding should happen. Only you and your fiancé are in charge of how your wedding should look like, when it will happen, where and how it will take place.

Take as long as you need to to figure it out – there is no rush to decide a wedding date when you have announced your engagement, even though a lot of people will naturally be asking. Ideally you will have your wedding vision more or less defined before you decide a date or set out to look for a venue.

We created this worksheet to help you as a couple to define what a meaningful wedding looks like to you.
Print a copy each, then sit down to compare notes.

It is likely that each of you will have different ideas, so be considerate to each others wishes.
Give each other space to come with suggestions and give them equal thought.
As in any successful marriage – always compromise!

Download Wedding vision worksheet

Download My wedding Vision

As opposed to following a theme, how about putting together an event which is based solely on what you two love and enjoy?
This could be inspired by anything from your mutual travels to a country, elements from your favorite movie, based around an area of your country that you love, favorite time of the year etc.
Maybe you guys met in December in an acting class – how about a Romeo + Juliet inspired wedding with rich and moody colours?

A good way to find about you existing decor preferences is to look around in your home to pinpoint what decor do you already enjoy. See what colors are prominent,  if your style leaning more towards classic or perhaps quirky,  Elegant, Minimalist or lots of details… etc – your home will say a lot about you!

Maybe your existing style isn’t what you wan’t for your wedding, in which case you should start from scratch and dig around in your wildest wedding fantasies.

If you don’t know where to begin, you could always draw from a story book or movie that have influenced you. Imagination is your only limit – let anything that you find inspiring enthuse you.

In addition to your Wedding Vision Result, here’s some additional questions to discuss:

  • What inspires you as people?
  • What defines you as a couple?
  • What version of yourself would you like to present to your guests? Your adventurous  side, your eclectic side, or maybe you just want to go all traditional?
  • What would you like your wedding day to “feel” like, from a guest perspective? Fun, classy, edgy, original, ethereal, luxurious or anything else?
  • What colors and decor style do you wish you had in your own home?
  • Are you traditional – in which case what elements are really important?
  • Are you untraditional – what new traditions or versions of old ones could you add to make it yours?
  • What overall atmosphere to you want to create?
  • What have you always dreamed of for your wedding day? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to arrive by horse back – why not just do it?

Lets say you have settled on a Rustic theme because you both love the countryside. This doesn’t mean you have to keep all things rustic in your wedding.
A beach wedding may lead you into thinking that following a nautical scheme is the right thing. But a fine art wedding or bohemian theme could work as beautifully!

Blend in any style that works for you to make it special and exciting. Juxtaposition is a word that could be used liberally when planning a meaningful wedding.
When you go your own way as opposed to following a pre-determined plot, an individual expression and truly meaningful wedding can be achieved.

Certain combinations might seem destined to be together: such as Traditional + Elegant. Vintage + Eclectic. Beach+ Tropical.
But why settle on predictable looks when you can dream up your own combination on what already exists, or create a brand new category that only you can define. Many combinations of common styles may work.
And there are more waiting to be invented.

A note on Pinterest…

We all love Pinterest for wedding inspiration, but we recommend to not pin too much at as it will easily overwhelm the senses. If you find an idea you love, always put your own individual spin on it.

The more you pin, you might find that you feel more and more frustrated and confused,  and the more diluted your original vision will get.

You probably already have ideas ready to start creating your Vision now! Nail down the fundamental elements as early as possible as it will make further decision making easier.

Grab your copy of the Vision pack here in case if you forgot:

Wedding vision worksheet

My wedding Vision


  • Combine meaningful elements to suit your personalities.
  • Your wedding will represent the two of you’s unique blend of characters, so make sure to allow yourself to explore all the different possibilities this opens up for.
  • Don’t be tricked into thinking your must follow conventions or what a family member expects of you.
  • Make it truly about you by personalizing with elements that you cherish.
  • Pushing the limits of your imagination can be so rewarding and will create a truly meaningful wedding day style.
  • Lastly… There is always lots of gorgeous wedding trends to be inspired by, which you could pick and choose from to create your highly unique blend.
  • Guests are surely going to love it, whichever way you choose to get married. What is most important is that you create a day which is meaningful to you to as a couple.

Hopefully our ideas have given you some food for thought. Let us know how it went!

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17 Wedding Quizzes to Find Your Wedding Vision

Wedding quiz collection

Sheer is not sponsored by the organizations in this post

Wedding Quiz collection

Recently engaged and feeling overwhelmed by multiple choices? Confused by contradicting advice and stressed by dresses, themes and décor styles on Pinterest?

Instead of debating nautical over steam punk, why not define your own personal wedding style? If you don’t know what that is yet, this post is for you.

Ready to play games? These are our favorite Wedding Quizzes – not to be taken very seriously – but could maybe bring insight of what kind of wedding elements might be right for you, based on anything from your favorite movie to your bra size. You might be severely simplified and at risk putting you in a broadly generalized category, but who doesn’t love a good online quiz just for the fun of it. If you are at the early stages of creating your wedding vision, it could be a good idea to cast your net wide and do some quizzing!


A reminder from Sheer: Themes are not a crucial part in modern weddings. Instead of sticking to one specific theme, choose a few “flavours” that resonate with you and make your own personal mix. For example: A rustic industrial vineyard wedding with a touch of whimsical boho. Totally right for 2018! Therefore, why not take the theme tests a couple of times and see what different results come up and give your self the opportunity to let multiple influences create your unique wedding.

Here is a wonderful test from Junebug Weddings, who are at the forefront of hip wedding inspiration. Perfect for you if you know that you already want an alternative twist on your wedding. Some of the options I had never heard of, (the aisle music choices) but I managed to get a result that resonated nonetheless.

style junebug

Picking the right theme for you makes everything easier. Take this quiz by The Knot to find out which wedding theme possibly matches your personality.

wedding theme


Will your wedding be modern, vintage, or something totally unique? Maybe you will find out now by taking this quiz by Magnet Street to discover your dream wedding style, then learn ways to express it through color, design, and more.


This wedding vision quiz by the Knot is probably the most sophisticated on the list. It creates a page for you to keep with ideas on anything from colours to cakes, and act as a mood board for communication with possible vendors. (Which are most likely affiliated with the Knot community)

wedding vision

Remember, you do not have to stick to a specific theme or a colour scheme. This is the year to make your wedding all about you and your groom, and not follow a list of traditions to execute. Keep it simple, practical and personal. Cut the guest list in favour of throwing a intimate party for those who matter the most. And skip the details and decor items that are not meaningful to you.


Another great quiz from Junebug, here you might find out what wedding destination is most suitable for you and your grooms interests, if you  are wishing to travel or elope for your nuptials.

wedding destination

Once you have found your destination, it is time to find your venue – or maybe you are getting married locally and wonder where. 
This test, also from Junebug weddings, is full of sweet inspiration.

venue jb



This Perfect Dress test from Playbuzz will point you in the direction of what kind of dress you might want to opt for based on things you like in your everyday life, but won’t indicate exact styles or specific designs. It is more about personality. Example: my result was (not such a surprize) Alternative, without telling me whether to go for A-line or high-low. A good test to start out with, but if you want to find out more about your future wedding dress, the next test is for you…

dress type

This Dress test is from the Knot is short and somewhat blunt, but it tells you what silhouette to go for based on your wedding day details – which prompts you to know those things first. I think you should also consider your body type before making the call – which you can do in the next text…

wedding dress style the knot

This Dress for Body type test by Sofeminine asks you 5 questions on details about your body’s size in order to establish your Body Type.  It may help you find a suitable silhouette, i found however that my result was not in line with my chosen wedding dress, but i don’t honestly think this matters to all degrees. All silhouettes that you love and feel beautiful in, will be flattering. It is about finding a balance between the fit and the feel. 

body type test

This test by Maggie Sottero will obviously suggest their own dresses, which are gorgeous, but even if not choosing theirs, you might find it useful for defining your dream dress and use for any designer with similar looks. It requires that you already have some kind of vision of your colours, venue and make up, so perhaps take test after the others.

wedding dress style

Not feeling particularly at home at the zimbio website, their Dress Style quiz still might give a good indication of what you want depending on your general opinions about life.

Style suits you

This Dress test from Davids Bridal is of course only representative to their own shop, but it is a well made test that will give you a visual of styles that you might actually end up loving and use as a guideline when you go dress shopping locally. Just clicking through randomly gave me two dresses out of 24 that I would consider wearing on my own day, however mass produced they might be.

ds bridal

Final test for wedding dresses will quiz you about your wedding and your loves in life, giving you a silouette appropriate for venue, season and your personality.

ball gown


This bridal style quiz from Wedsites might help you figure out what type of wedding style best suits you and your love.




A perhaps slightly too generalizing test from Flare, it might still help you discover your bridal personality and the look your heart might desire.

bridalstyle flare


Ok you might be closer to knowing your style, but what about your hair? Let’s play to find out with this Wedding hair do test from Playbuzz

wedding hair

A well designed and comprehensive test, this Bridal Beauty quiz by Qzzr might have yielded a somewhat predictable result for me but it gave me insights throughout doing the test, not just by the end result. Nice pictures to choose from and the range of wedding styles is wide. 

hair and makeup

Did you get different results for Wedding style and Bridal style? Remember, that the two wouldn’t have to be the same. Of course you can be a vintage bride wearing a sparkly mermaid at a modern venue – just call it Modern Romance.

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FREE Romantic and Whimsy Wedding Fonts



Todays font collection is intended to explore a more playful twist on classic wedding elegance, resulting in a enchanted and romantic look for your guests to enjoy.

Combined with elements such as unstructured flower arrangements, floaty fabrics, soft color schemes and an informal yet elegant format, will bring a touch of untamed fairytale imagination and poetic freedom.

Think Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a tea party with Jane Austen on a wild flower meadow!

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts


Sweet rustic wood wedding sign: | Photography: Koman Photography -
style me pretty


If you are planning a romantic whimsical wedding, make sure to begin with your stationary. Using a swirly decorative script font means you will introduce the sense of whimsy romance to your guests early on.

"Alice in Wonderland" themed refreshments for a bridal shower
huffington post

Let the theme carry through to your wedding signs, table numbers and seating charts, all the way to the thank you cards you send when the wedding has come and gone.

Other areas you  can personalize your design with typography is your wedding programs, your vow book and menus.

gold wax seals and white escort cards
junebug weddings

A touch of vintage elegance is sure to enhance your printed wedding decor. Using wax seals, ornate frames, torn or deckle edge paper ware and a decorative font will bring that old world romantic ambiance straight into the present day. Add loose sprigs of greenery to modernize and soften the formal look.

Floral wedding stationery inspiration from a romantic fine art shoot. Photography by Gyan Gurung                                                                                                                                                                                 More
love my dress

Invitations with floral motives, water color and calligraphy symbolize femininity, elegance and romance are all perfect ingredients for your whimsical wedding day.

Let whimsy romance sparkle on!

Reception Sparkler Bar Gold Framed Sign Metallic Vase Tealight Candles Bohemian & Whimsical Garden Wedding in North Carolina
whimsical wonderland weddings


If you enjoyed today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Boho-luxe, Whimsical and Hipster fonts for weddings!



  1. Penny gum (ADORN GARLAND)
  2. Fit n flare (BOMBSHELL PRO)
  3. Marriage prayer (HALLELUJAH)
  4. Vow book (STORY BOOK SCRIPT)
  5. Fig decor (FRUTILLA)
  6. First dance (DANCING SCRIPT)
  7. Lavender (GARDENIA)
  8. Centerpiece (ADORN POMANDER)
  9. Buttercream (BUTTERCUP)
  10. Spring nuptials (SPRING TIME)
  11. Bridesmaid (MISS BEAUTIFUL BOLD)
  12. Something blue (NOELAN)
  13. Honeymoon (LISBON SCRIPT)
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FREE Boho-Luxe Wedding Fonts

The boho spirit may have been born generations ago, but it continues to resonate with brides of many backgrounds. Why? It’s unique, modern, and as the bohemian style is less formal and structured it opens doors to creative and individualized interpretation, whether it is in clothing, home decór or weddings.


Boho-luxe combines organic, free-spirited an nature-inspired elements with modern influences. It is rebellious in a wild yet elegant way, just as the Parisian bohemians at the turn of the 20th century, where it lends its vintage romance flair.

Boho-luxe is perfect if you want to embrace the laid-back and informal wedding elements from the traditional bohemian style, but still want to enjoy luxurious cocktails, dreamy table settings with loosely arranged flowers and a perhaps a reinvented black-tie dress code. One part rebel, one part high-end, the boho-luxe wedding vibes will suit you if you want a vintage-style but glamourous wedding, metallic accents on your luxury table  and fine art artisan calligraphy wedding invites.

If you enjoy today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Fine Art Font CombosRomantic, Whimsical and Hipster fonts for weddings.

boho luxe1
Let your boho-luxe inspired invites feature foil imprints on high quality paper, letterpress, delicate wax seals and an overall vintage-luxurious understated design.

For your typography, go for a mixture between hand lettering, romantic script font, combined with neat and elegant modern typefaces to create the same juxtaposition between artful, romantic calligraphy and neat, modern elegance.

Decór-wise, boho-luxe is creative, full of vibrant colours such as jewel-tones and greenery. It has a touch of whimsical but less in a hippie way and more towards vintage glamour. Luxurious details such as metallic accents, well chosen natural elements, and although still handcrafted and effortlessly put together, decor items are less rustic and shabby but rather veering towards glamorous and antique.

It is easy to love this look as it represents a sophisticated step up  from the rustic bohemian wedding look. Whether you’re rebellious or elegant, romantic or edgy, classy or artistic – you can have the best of both worlds!

So let’s celebrate la vie de boheme with a collection of free fonts for your blog or wedding stationery projects.

Pin now and read again later

Free Boho-luxe fonts for your graphic wedding projects

  1. Mother of the bride: MODESTY
  2. True love: SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
  3. First look: BONDOLOU PEEK
  4. Save the date: WILDERNESS TYPEFACE
  5. Master of ceremony: BODONI
  6. Jenga: JACQUES & GILLES
  7. Cheese wheel: CHEDDAR JACK
  8. Artful: BRUSHER
  9. Favours: GOOD KARMA
  10. Dream catcher: WINTER CALLIGRAPHY
  11. Wild soul: AMBARELLA
  12. Cosmopolitan: NORTHERN LIGHTS
  13. Greenery: TAMORO SCRIPT
  14. French lace: ASTERISM REGULAR
  15. Free spirit: PENNELLINO
  16. Guest book: MOON

Don’t forget to check out our other font collections!


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Elopement Weddings – pros and cons

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Wedding planning is the best thing ever for some – and the worst for others. Not every bride and groom are smitten by the idea of a big celebration with a hundred or more of people around them. Your personalities, priorities and your lust for adventure might just make it more sensible to elope as opposed to arranging a traditional wedding.

Perhaps you are a bit shy, favor independence or possibly have complicated family relations, or for any other reason -such as a sense of fun, romance, or practical or budget reasons- feel like eloping is more up your street. If you have a tendency to get stressed out, or simply cannot understand what the big “fuss” is all about – an elopement might be your answer.

It could be simple reason that you prefer to do something purely for yourselves, or something a bit different, and you might find that it suits you better to create your own wedding day layout as supposed to following a line of conventional traditions, that you might not feel any connection to, or find irrelevant or unnecessary to you.

Is elopement for you? Or are you determined to have the traditional wedding day, where you and your groom are the king and queen of the day? Which option would make your wedding dream come true?

The advantages of a traditional wedding:

  • The buzz and fun of the preparations (some love a challenge of this kind!)
  • It is a once-in-a-life time event (supposedly…)
  • It is a big get-together where 2 families can get to know each other better and celebrate together as one family
  • A chance for all your friends from all walks of life to meet and mingle
  • The traditions: cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, first dance etc – some brides have looked forward to this all their life
  • The reception party with food, dancing, guest book, favours, centrepieces etc
  • The opportunity to design and decorate your dream day with flowers, decor and colours
  • Photographs with lots of family members and guests
  • Significant memories for family members and friends
  • The shared joy amongst all attending
  • “Celebrities” for a day, being the centre of attention
  • The registry – people will most likely give gifts or cash and you can wish for anything you likeElopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

    The disadvantage of a traditional wedding

  • The cost of renting a venue, tent, feeding people, wedding party, hair and makeup etc
  • The pressure and stress involved with planning and coordinating a big event, such as guest list, invites and RSVP management
  • People management – bridesmaids drama, flaring up family feuds, grumpy step-cousins who did not get invited and so on
  • Nerves – not everyone is built to handle stress well
  • Stage fright – not every person enjoys being in the spotlight
  • Loud and “crazy” – not everyone likes dancing or being at a big party
  • The more people involved, the more opinions and personalities are in the mix
  • The build up to the wedding can be exhausting, especially the week before when all final details must fall into place, and out of town guests start to arrive
  • The need to find good vendors and people you can rely on and trust to do a good job – you have to be comfortable with putting your fate in their hands
  • It might put a lot of pressure on the bride to look great, loose weight, have perfect hair and makeup etc
  • Dress, shoe and accessory hunting (not just for for bride, but bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen too) is actually pretty confusing and hard mental work, not to mention pricey
  • Liaison and negotiations about costs and contracts with vendors – not everyone is cut out to be a business woman/ man
  • Lots of small and big decisions to be made, which can prove overwhelming especially if your nature is anxious and indecisive
  • Planning details such as seating chart, choice of music, wedding colours, even choosing the wedding party – some think these aspects shadow what the wedding truly should be about – the newly weds
  • Depending on how lucky/ resilient/ multi tasking genius you and your groom are – the months of wedding planning could be a stressful nightmare. Not everyone is up for it

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

Elopement: Advantages

  • It is all about you, your love and your commitment to each other
  • There is nothing else in the way for the 2 of you  to enjoy each others presence
  • Less risk of mishaps – except missing the plane I suppose
  • No paraphernalia (flower girl’s nappy needs changing, bridesmaid broke her stiletto, escort cards blew away in the wind..) to worry about
  • It will most likely be a lot less expensive (unless you decide to travel far and wide with a luxury honeymoon)
  • Can save the money for something long term which is perhaps more worthwhile than a few hours of party – or splash it on that luxury honeymoon
  • Less people= having to rely less heavily on others
  • You can be more in control of your own wedding
  • Manageable size = less stress = easier to achieve
  • Can be planned sooner = shorter engagement
  • More spontaneous and “wild” (Las Vegas, anyone?)
  • Some say it is more romantic
  • Great excuse to travel to your dream destination
  • You can still have the dress, the flowers, professional photos and cake, at a smaller and more cost-effective scale
  • Could spend more money on your wedding dress (- hello Grace Loves Lace!)
  • Can create a completely unique day, choose an unusual ceremony spot (nature, city, unconventional locations and buildings not normally used as a wedding venue)
  • Can get amazing wedding photos in a wedding destination that would probably not have been possible otherwise.

Disadvantages of eloping

  • If keeping it secret, you will not get much help from others, unless you still hire a wedding planner
  • It foregos certain aspect of wedding preparations (dress hunting with mum and maid of honour, getting ready with the girls, or bachelorette party for example) – which you might feel like you missed out on
  • Lonesome – perhaps you do want to have near and dear around you when you make the promise of a lifetime
  • Possibly regretting not arranging the “big day” afterwards
  • Family and friends might feel left out and get resentful
  • You probably wont receive many gifts

It is basically personality and a list of preferences that should determine your choice. Remember, just because you got engaged, it does not automatically mean you are destined to have a wedding with all the traditional aspects that comes with it. Modern weddings are completely flexible events and you can plan it to suit both of you  perfectly.

Do give elopement a thought if you  are daunted by the prospect of arranging a traditional wedding day, or simply feel a desire to do something “different” and being adventurous with your groom. In the end of the day, you are marrying your husband and not anyone else or a tradition you are not bothered about – the most important thing is that you as a couple both are doing what feels most natural to you.

Torn? The perfect compromise: An Intimate Wedding!

Final tip: it is best to decide if you are eloping or not BEFORE you invite people to your wedding or pick a bridal party – in order to not making people disappointed 🙂

Elopement weddings - why you should give it a thought before planning your wedding

image credits: junebug weddings // intimate weddings


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Free Awesome Hipster Wedding Fonts!

We all love hipsters: we either love their fashion bravery, love their uber kewl vibes, love to find them super annoying, or love to  make fun of them.

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts

The thing with hipster culture though, is that it is so awesome that it has become anti-unique and no longer is fresh to be different. Get that? No. But that it also what it is all about: the juxtaposition, the art in anything, being avantgarde, seeing meaning in the meaningless, bringing out new rad angles in anything arbitrary, such as penny farthings and rabbits.

So here is a collection of fonts for the kiffest and raddest wedding of yours – ideally printed on wood decorated with Japanese cartoon figures. Don’t forget the kimchi side with your local-seasonal-artisan-macrobiotic buffet, to hire a craft gin mixologist, and you definitely must remember to make sure that your DJ only plays vinyl.

The ironic truth: if you think of yourself as a hipster, then it means you are not a real one, just a mere copy. Sorry dude. To be able to wear the hipster honour badge legit, you have to be so uber-stellar that you didn’t even bother to make note of what hipster means. Because you are years ahead of everyone else, and you are definitely never gonna follow somebody else’s trend. Only your own. Deck!

Authors note: this article is 75% tongue in cheek and 25% self-mockery. Any egos hurt from reading will be prescribed a weeks of kombucha detox.

Hipster wedding fonts

If you enjoyed today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Romantic, Whimsical and Boho-luxe fonts for weddings!

Beard wax: BARDO
Burlap: BIRCH
Globes: GOGOIA
Summer camp: SUNDAY
Wildflower: HITCHHIKER
Bicycle: BIKO
Tattooed bride: TATTOO INK
Kombucha cocktail: CABANA

Animal collective: ESCALOPE
Coffee truck: THE SKINNY
Vegan: BESOM
You’re awesome: LASER METAL