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FREE winter inspired wedding fonts!

Whilst most engaged couples opt for a warm season wedding, you should never overlook the winter season as a wonderful time to get married. Of course, there are some limitations to how much time you can spend outdoors during  your celebrations, but with the right venue, a roaring fire place, a cozy atmosphere and warming accessories, winter weddings are just as pleasant as their sunnier counterpart – and can be made to be even more exceptional, different as they are!

Click here to jump to end for download links, or scroll on for unique ideas on how to achieve the perfect winter stationery look.

Winter opens up for fresh opportunities for decoration and design. Not only are venues  up to 60% cheaper (leaving more room in the budget for fulfilling other must-have elements) it also makes sense to enrich your wedding with  deep  and moody color schemes, be abundant with candles and glitter as well as sporting a gorgeous long sleeve wedding dress!

As Christmas is a time for wonder and magic, it makes sense to create a similarly enchanting wedding celebration if you are saying I DO around that time. Why not steal some inspiration from you most loved fairy tale?

Winter weddings can be made to be totally unique – so make sure your stationery reflects that, too.

For your stationery, the graphics department at Sheer thinks the colder weather calls for stationery which combines classic elegance with characterful charm.
The fonts we have gathered today are chosen specifically for their fusion of personality and magical coziness, so you will find a mixture of playful and hand written types, as well as sophisticated fine scripts that suits elegant affairs so well.

Blend relaxed and hand written with classically styish together if you want to create that chic winter wonderland ambiance. Choose 2 script fonts that resonate with your personalities and wedding theme, add your favorite serif or sans serif type and you will have a stylish and unique stationery and printables design.

Opposites attract when it comes to fonts, so if your main font is formal and bold, complement it with a second font with a feminine and dancing character.

Let one distinctive script font take the lead and be the weaving thread in your stationery design, but you might choose to also add a more easy-to-read script fonts for your menu, program and RSVP card, along with a neat base font for finer detailed print. Max 3 fonts is my recommendation, but if you are going for a hipster aesthetic you might want to add more.

Inspiration for wedding invite motif could be similar to the ones you plan to use in your decor, for example green wreaths and garlands, red berries, gold details, white pine cones or snow clad trees. Emerald green and crimson red will always be reminiscent of cosy family gatherings around Christmas time, so why not evoke the same warmth on your special day?
If you are more into the modern or minimalistic look, a silver and white inspired color scheme will bring out the cool sophistication that will highlight your modern style ideals. Transparent acrylic signs and silver metallic details will also give the desired subdued winter frost effect.

Bring it all together with beautiful ceremony programs that carries your invite design, menus and your welcome and seating plan stationery as well, and you will have a gorgeous cohesive wintery wedding graphic look.

100% FREE wedding fonts - inspired by winter |

Most of these are free for personal use only. Check licensing with the font author if you plan to use it commercially.

mist – BALQIS
wedding boots – FREEBOOTER SCRIPT (free for commercial use)
burgundy – CHOPIN SCRIPT
velvet tuxedo – DECEMBER SKY (free for commercial use)
cake frosting – DARLESTON (free for commercial use)
gold glitter – DIGORY DOODLES
fire place – WINTER IN JANUARY
candle stick – CANDLE SCRIPT
mulled wine – CONERIA SCRIPT SLANTED (free for commercial use)
hand warmer – WINTER BRUSH
pine cone – SHANY

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100% FREE wedding fonts - inspired by winter |
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FREE Wedding Invitation Fashion Fonts


100% FREE Fashion Forward Fonts for your graphic design projects

Click here to scroll to download links


YAY – finally it’s typography time again!

As some of you are already familiar with, I love to gather font inspiration based on different flavors of life, weave it into new looks for modern and creative wedding stationery, and share it here with you for the love of uniquely chic weddings – and any other joyous celebration as well, naturally.

The latest font collection is inspired by fashion, because not only when we go shopping for clothes or home decor or choose a hairstyle, fashion also runs through pretty much everything in a wedding, too: from your bouquet to the tables to your dress – even your garter!

In many, many aspects you’ll find that fashion is prevalent – and even if you don’t think of your self as a fashion-orientated kind of Bride, there will be a gazillion of style decisions to make when planning your wedding. Even if you don’t give a darn about fashion, it is yet an influencing power behind many things that we are unavoidably surrounded by.

FIY – this font collection isn’t going to forcefully turn you into a slave of runway couture and the latest high street design trends – here we are merely using fashion- the phenomenon – as the element for inspiration… and as usual with lightheartedness. Have a look at our other font work too!

Fashion doesn’t only mean the latest trend, or being fashionable – it could also mean the look and style of things and the “fashion” in which they are done.
Each of the different wedding themes come with their own specific style ideals and customs, and whether you go for a glamorous bash or a low-key vibe, you will have several style options for creating your unique look.

As a designer, I  have learned that whether I like it or not, fashion touches basically everything I do, and even though I don’t regard myself a fashionista, I tend to always keep an eye on what is happening in the world of wedding style.

In fact, the many, many design aspects in a wedding is precisely what I love so much about it – there are endless opportunities for new amazing creativity to be born, whether in bridal fashion, photography or floral design.

One of the first style decisions you make as a Bride, might just be your Save-the-dates, wedding invites, and wedding website if you decide to have one (you won’t regret it!). This is where the graphic design department and font enthusiasts like me comes out to play, and my advise is as always: only choose the material which resonates with personal taste rather than what is trendy, at the same time as choosing the design that corresponds with the intended look and feel of your dream wedding.

You’ll never fail to impress when choosing a neat, striking and un-fussy graphic profile. Sophisticated, easy-to-read and cutting-edge, a fashion inspired wedding invitation will surprisingly never go out of style, and by adding a quirky and feminine scripts font you will achieve a fun and romantic feel which balances the stronger fonts well.

TIP! You might want to match the visual designs such as fonts, shapes and colors in the invites to signs and printed materials at the actual wedding later on. It results in a stunning and cohesive look that will tie the event design together.

When designing your fashion-inspired invites, think book cover, magazine feature or fashion advert for a bold and grabbing look that just screams “ATTENDING”.

Keep in mind that less is more when doing the layout. Using the text itself to create architectural shapes is a clever way of achieving visual interest. With text or color you can create blocks that will stack neatly just like a magazine feature would. Be minimal, at the same time daring, and let the font do the talking!

The art of combining fonts is based around juxtaposition: a tall, narrow font goes well with a swirly, feminine font. An italic serif is enhanced by a bold sans serif. The uppercase with lower case… and so on.

A mix of thin and thick fonts, serifs and sans serif, black and white mixed with one main color instantaneously becomes strong style statement that people will love to hang on their fridge door.

And if you don’t have a clue what even half of that means don’t worry about it too  much – the key is to work with opposites, and just have fun with it!

We have provided some gorgeous and clean fashion-inspired stationery from Minted below so take a look and let your creative spark plugs be ignited!

If you want even more inspiration, just Google “Fashion week invite” 🙂

Remember to share your creations with us at instagram @sheereverafter – and follow us too of course –  it is always so amazing to see how you have used the fonts!

Good luck with your DIY designer invites!



parker & taylor | thanks
lennon & rowan |thank you
save the date finally
kate & masontaylor & elliot


Download links

Font name is to the right – just click the link to get to font homepage where you’ll be able to find the download button.

All 100% FREE to download but some are only for personal use. Contact designer if you plan to use the font commercially. 












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Free Font Friday: Modern Elegant Wedding Fonts + FREEBIE

For your Modern and Elegant wedding, you will need some Contemporary and Classy wedding stationery, and if you are planning to do them yourself we have just prepared some of our favorite fonts for your creative project.

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts


FREE FONTS: Modern Elegance Font collection // SHEER EVER AFTER WEDDINGS

Scroll to bottom to find links to download or carry on reading for inspiration…

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FREE Fonts Combos For Your Fine Art Wedding Calligraphy Project


Fine Art Wedding Font Combos

Hello Font Fans and Wedding Stationary Lovers!

Scroll to end to find the download links, or read on for some swoon-worthy stationary inspiration!

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts

We are so smitten by last weeks Fine Art wedding post that the obvious next step is to follow up with some fonts in the same spirit. For those of you new to the Fine Art Wedding concept, you can read more about it here.

In short, a Fine Art wedding captures the elegance of a bygone era, with an added flair of poetic romance. Think Lord Byron taking Belle from Beauty & the Beast to see A Midsummer’s Night Dream on an open air theatre at a château in France. Can’t quite visualize it? Dont worry – today we are mainly talking about typography!


LH calligraphy

The Fine Art wedding stationery suite is characterized by beautiful calligraphy, art-inspired paper – ideally handmade and/ or with deckled or torn edges, and aside from the decorative calligraphy, the rest of the approach is fairly minimalistic. Think Old World Elegance meets Modern Femininity.


photography by kayla barker

Ideal components to your wedding invitations, stationary and signage are silk ribbons, wax seals and an ink stamp with your logo. (Could also be printed digitally of course).
A botanical ink etching or watercolour element might be added if you would like a focal point, and the signs may be framed by loosely arranged flowers and greenery such as olive or eucalyptus.


Colours are usually muted with a base of faded ivorys and soft greys, with faint hues of pastels such as peach, lavender and dusky blue on the paperware. Colorize with flowers and fabrics such as silk chiffon draped over tables or soft cotton napkins.
The general idea is however to keep it simple and let the “handwritten” calligraphy speak for themselves.


It could be nice to leave something botanical on the plates together with the menu, such as a fern or olive sprig.

tara spencer fine art wedding designer

If we all had the luxury to hire a calligraphist for our wedding, that would be a fabulous thing. But the wallet-friendly alternative is obviously to get down to work in your own computer and draft up some authentic looking stationery yourself, – which you can do easily even in Word once you have installed your desired fonts.
Print in your home printer or at your local print shop with paper you have bought from an art supply shop.

In your Fine Art stationery design, ideally you’d choose 2 fonts only, one calligraphy and one classical base font. Serif would be the obvious choice for this but if you would like a slightly more modern and minimalistic look go for the sans serif. If your Script font is very swirly and decorative, it can look great to balance it with a sans serif.

New to the term serif? Please look at this diagram below:


Instead of using different fonts, mix up look by using different formatted letters in CAPITALS, cursive, bold or why not ALL THREE if you want to make something stand out, for example the date of the wedding. Back in the old days there were not as many font options as there are now, so this is how they achieved an interesting and varied look, that looks cohesive.

And don’t forget playing around with sizes

As in the beautiful picture example below, increasing the space in between letters in your name can also make it stand out more:

W I L L A and A L D E N

By experimenting like this you can get many looks out of only 2 fonts. Let your Calligrahy Font be the star of the show in any case.

idyll paper

Doing your own wedding invitations and stationary means more money left for a spectacular honeymoon, or that 6 burner gas stove you and your fiancé have been dreaming of. There is cash to be saved here if you are savvy – and don’t forget to look out for more DIY wedding stationery inspiration on this website.

Fine Art Wedding Font Combos










***Please check if licensing is needed if you plan to use these font commercially as many free fonts are for Personal Use only***


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FREE Romantic and Whimsy Wedding Fonts



Todays font collection is intended to explore a more playful twist on classic wedding elegance, resulting in a enchanted and romantic look for your guests to enjoy.

Combined with elements such as unstructured flower arrangements, floaty fabrics, soft color schemes and an informal yet elegant format, will bring a touch of untamed fairytale imagination and poetic freedom.

Think Belle from Beauty and the Beast at a tea party with Jane Austen on a wild flower meadow!

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts


Sweet rustic wood wedding sign: | Photography: Koman Photography -
style me pretty


If you are planning a romantic whimsical wedding, make sure to begin with your stationary. Using a swirly decorative script font means you will introduce the sense of whimsy romance to your guests early on.

"Alice in Wonderland" themed refreshments for a bridal shower
huffington post

Let the theme carry through to your wedding signs, table numbers and seating charts, all the way to the thank you cards you send when the wedding has come and gone.

Other areas you  can personalize your design with typography is your wedding programs, your vow book and menus.

gold wax seals and white escort cards
junebug weddings

A touch of vintage elegance is sure to enhance your printed wedding decor. Using wax seals, ornate frames, torn or deckle edge paper ware and a decorative font will bring that old world romantic ambiance straight into the present day. Add loose sprigs of greenery to modernize and soften the formal look.

Floral wedding stationery inspiration from a romantic fine art shoot. Photography by Gyan Gurung                                                                                                                                                                                 More
love my dress

Invitations with floral motives, water color and calligraphy symbolize femininity, elegance and romance are all perfect ingredients for your whimsical wedding day.

Let whimsy romance sparkle on!

Reception Sparkler Bar Gold Framed Sign Metallic Vase Tealight Candles Bohemian & Whimsical Garden Wedding in North Carolina
whimsical wonderland weddings


If you enjoyed today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Boho-luxe, Whimsical and Hipster fonts for weddings!



  1. Penny gum (ADORN GARLAND)
  2. Fit n flare (BOMBSHELL PRO)
  3. Marriage prayer (HALLELUJAH)
  4. Vow book (STORY BOOK SCRIPT)
  5. Fig decor (FRUTILLA)
  6. First dance (DANCING SCRIPT)
  7. Lavender (GARDENIA)
  8. Centerpiece (ADORN POMANDER)
  9. Buttercream (BUTTERCUP)
  10. Spring nuptials (SPRING TIME)
  11. Bridesmaid (MISS BEAUTIFUL BOLD)
  12. Something blue (NOELAN)
  13. Honeymoon (LISBON SCRIPT)
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FREE Boho-Luxe Wedding Fonts

The boho spirit may have been born generations ago, but it continues to resonate with brides of many backgrounds. Why? It’s unique, modern, and as the bohemian style is less formal and structured it opens doors to creative and individualized interpretation, whether it is in clothing, home decór or weddings.


Boho-luxe combines organic, free-spirited an nature-inspired elements with modern influences. It is rebellious in a wild yet elegant way, just as the Parisian bohemians at the turn of the 20th century, where it lends its vintage romance flair.

Boho-luxe is perfect if you want to embrace the laid-back and informal wedding elements from the traditional bohemian style, but still want to enjoy luxurious cocktails, dreamy table settings with loosely arranged flowers and a perhaps a reinvented black-tie dress code. One part rebel, one part high-end, the boho-luxe wedding vibes will suit you if you want a vintage-style but glamourous wedding, metallic accents on your luxury table  and fine art artisan calligraphy wedding invites.

If you enjoy today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Fine Art Font CombosRomantic, Whimsical and Hipster fonts for weddings.

boho luxe1
Let your boho-luxe inspired invites feature foil imprints on high quality paper, letterpress, delicate wax seals and an overall vintage-luxurious understated design.

For your typography, go for a mixture between hand lettering, romantic script font, combined with neat and elegant modern typefaces to create the same juxtaposition between artful, romantic calligraphy and neat, modern elegance.

Decór-wise, boho-luxe is creative, full of vibrant colours such as jewel-tones and greenery. It has a touch of whimsical but less in a hippie way and more towards vintage glamour. Luxurious details such as metallic accents, well chosen natural elements, and although still handcrafted and effortlessly put together, decor items are less rustic and shabby but rather veering towards glamorous and antique.

It is easy to love this look as it represents a sophisticated step up  from the rustic bohemian wedding look. Whether you’re rebellious or elegant, romantic or edgy, classy or artistic – you can have the best of both worlds!

So let’s celebrate la vie de boheme with a collection of free fonts for your blog or wedding stationery projects.

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Free Boho-luxe fonts for your graphic wedding projects

  1. Mother of the bride: MODESTY
  2. True love: SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
  3. First look: BONDOLOU PEEK
  4. Save the date: WILDERNESS TYPEFACE
  5. Master of ceremony: BODONI
  6. Jenga: JACQUES & GILLES
  7. Cheese wheel: CHEDDAR JACK
  8. Artful: BRUSHER
  9. Favours: GOOD KARMA
  10. Dream catcher: WINTER CALLIGRAPHY
  11. Wild soul: AMBARELLA
  12. Cosmopolitan: NORTHERN LIGHTS
  13. Greenery: TAMORO SCRIPT
  14. French lace: ASTERISM REGULAR
  15. Free spirit: PENNELLINO
  16. Guest book: MOON

Don’t forget to check out our other font collections!


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Free Awesome Hipster Wedding Fonts!

We all love hipsters: we either love their fashion bravery, love their uber kewl vibes, love to find them super annoying, or love to  make fun of them.

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts

The thing with hipster culture though, is that it is so awesome that it has become anti-unique and no longer is fresh to be different. Get that? No. But that it also what it is all about: the juxtaposition, the art in anything, being avantgarde, seeing meaning in the meaningless, bringing out new rad angles in anything arbitrary, such as penny farthings and rabbits.

So here is a collection of fonts for the kiffest and raddest wedding of yours – ideally printed on wood decorated with Japanese cartoon figures. Don’t forget the kimchi side with your local-seasonal-artisan-macrobiotic buffet, to hire a craft gin mixologist, and you definitely must remember to make sure that your DJ only plays vinyl.

The ironic truth: if you think of yourself as a hipster, then it means you are not a real one, just a mere copy. Sorry dude. To be able to wear the hipster honour badge legit, you have to be so uber-stellar that you didn’t even bother to make note of what hipster means. Because you are years ahead of everyone else, and you are definitely never gonna follow somebody else’s trend. Only your own. Deck!

Authors note: this article is 75% tongue in cheek and 25% self-mockery. Any egos hurt from reading will be prescribed a weeks of kombucha detox.

Hipster wedding fonts

If you enjoyed today’s font collection, you might want to check out our other ones too: Romantic, Whimsical and Boho-luxe fonts for weddings!

Beard wax: BARDO
Burlap: BIRCH
Globes: GOGOIA
Summer camp: SUNDAY
Wildflower: HITCHHIKER
Bicycle: BIKO
Tattooed bride: TATTOO INK
Kombucha cocktail: CABANA

Animal collective: ESCALOPE
Coffee truck: THE SKINNY
Vegan: BESOM
You’re awesome: LASER METAL

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FREE Whimsical wedding fonts

Since I made my own wedding stationary, I’ve become quite the font-o-holic – which truly is a wonderful past time by the way.

Click here to check our latest font collection: FREE Fashion inspired Fonts
The web is a superb resource for free fonts which you can download with a few clicks and then use for signage, wedding papers, guestbook, favour labels, your wedding website or whatever you feel like.

Free fontcollection

Even if you have already sourced your wedding stationery, you should definitely consider the fonts order for you and your groom to get the look that goes with your theme and style preference.

Design-nerds like me think it adds personality and interest to the vital design elements of your wedding, which can make a great deal of difference, how arbitrary it may sound!

In my own quest for wedding stationary inspiration, I did some research to see what typography awesome-ness the internet can provide. Adobe InDesign or Photoshop are not too difficult to learn, there are even online tutorials for beginners such as this one. And with simple tools you can be the designer of your own stationery!

When experimenting with graphic wedding design, try not to use too many different types, or it might look jumbled. Simplicity and cohesion gives an elegant impression and is more readable. Therefore, choose 3 fonts max per design.
You can always vary the fonts by using different sizes, bold or italic, some upper case and some lowercase.

I made this example just for you. I have very little training in graphic design, but it wasn’t too hard – I think you can do it too!

This invite template is free for your personal use if you leave a comment and email address in the comments field below.


I have used: I Love Glitter, Moon and Abraham Lincoln.
What I like about this kind of unconventional invite design is that it is modern, fun and full of character, with its cute whimsical twist.

I do want to dearly thank We Lived Happily Ever After for the beautiful free rustic graphics.

If you use a script font, don’t use more than one. Same with serif and sans serif fonts (serif is the little curl or foot at the ends of the letter) – choose one of each for a clutter-free typography that is both pleasing on the eye and easy to read.

I think at some point I might create a series of these for you cool chicks to download for free (so remember to follow this blog if you haven’t already – click the follow button in the right sidebar), but here you have a taster, and a collection of fabulous fonts to use in your wedding: signs, stationary, other printables that you choose.

I hope to have sparked your creative plugs – if I have please leave a comment below or even send a picture 🙂

If you love fonts for weddings why not check out our other collections – all our fonts are FREE:

Modern Elegance fonts
Awesome Hipster fonts
Romantic and Whimsy fonts
Boho-luxe fonts
Fine Art font combos

Free fontcollection


Please not that free font are usually for Personal Use only, check the terms if you plan to use them commercially!

Anna & David – I love glitter
Ceremony – Autumn in November
Boutonnière – Abraham Lincoln
Maid of Honour – Elsie
Flower crown – Story book
Mason Jar – EsKalapa Muda
Succulent –Janda Stylish Script
Lawn games – DK Innuendo
Golden ring – Mightype script
First dance – Kitten bold
Baby’s breath – Matilde
Candle light – Northern lights
Garter – Les mysteries de Paris
Champagne – Channel
Photo booth – Aracne condensed
Sweet heart – Besom
Sparkler – Moon
Yours forever – Love moment

Did you like the fonts and would you use them in your own wedding? Please let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments box below.

Stay tuned for next font collection post by following us – find button in the sidebar to the right >>>>>

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